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10 Reasons to Try Travel Nursing

June 1, 2021

Thinking of giving travel nursing a try? You’ll be glad you did. If you have a nursing degree or certification and you’re tired of working in the same hospital setting day after day, working as a travel nurse could give you the escape from the doldrums you crave. Read on to discover ten reasons to give this new career choice a try.

New and Exciting Work Environments

Healthcare facilities around the country are desperate to fill understaffed nursing positions. If you love to travel, this is your chance to visit new locations and work in new medical facilities. From the cityscape of New York City to the canyons of New Mexico, there are assignments available in nearly every state. Few other professions offer this ability to roam at will, except for maybe airline stewards. And if you’re ever thinking of making a permanent move to a different locale, travel nursing lets you dip your toes in the water before committing to the move. 

Meet & Help Interesting People 

One of the benefits of traveling as a nurse is that you’re no longer working daily with the same staff. You get to branch out and interact with people you wouldn’t have otherwise. This affords you the opportunity to make long-lasting friendships with co-workers all over the country. Then there are the patients you get to assist. There are few feelings more rewarding than knowing you are making a difference in someone’s life, and you get to do it every single day, in cities all over the country.

You Choose Your Own Schedule

Not only do you get to choose where you want to work as a travel nurse, but you get to choose when as well. Contract nurses can take time off if they want to spend time with friends or family, and extended vacations are never out of the question. This type of flexible schedule means you can work as much or as little as you want, while getting paid handsomely for the hours you do put in.

Get Paid More Money 

Travel nurses earn generous hourly pay rates. In many cases, nurses who travel get to take advantage of shift differentials, completion bonuses, and overtime. What is little known about this career choice is that nursing professionals are paid the same, regardless of experience. That means a travel nurse with two years of experience can make the same as someone with fifteen years of experience or more. Also, IRS Publication 463 states that you can accept tax-free stipends if you require an overnight stay as part of your demands while away from home. This is good news for anyone thinking of jumping into the industry who is afraid of taking a pay cut. The pay is favorable no matter how long you’ve been working.

A Wide Range of Perks & Benefits 

When you take an assignment, you will sign a contract. Make sure you are happy with all the stipulations contained in the agreement before you sign. You’ll want to closely examine the hourly pay, overtime wages, and non-taxable housing stipend. Working as a travel nurse also often comes with medical plans, retirement matching, sick pay, and other benefits you wouldn’t otherwise receive as an on-site nurse. 

Lower Cost of Living 

Many common living expenses are dramatically decreased or eliminated entirely. You can even choose to work as a travel nurse in cities and states known for their low costs of living, which can further cut down on your spending and monthly allotment of bills and expenses. With the extra money in your pocket each month, you can pay off your education loans, save for retirement, buy a new car, or travel internationally between placements. 

No Internal Politics!

Working in a hospital environment often exposes you to workplace politics. Colleague struggles, gripes about bureaucratic decisions, and unit gossip can quickly wear you down. You get to escape all that nonsense as a travel nurse. When you have the freedom to travel to new and exciting environments, you also have the benefit of remaining unengaged with rumors, arguments, and complaints about leadership. You get to focus on your responsibilities, which is to be the best nurse possible until your contract is completed. 

Avoid Burnout 

The ability to visit different hospitals around the country means that you never get to experience the burnout many permanent nurses suffer from. While the job is still demanding, every day can be different, if you choose. This level of freedom can have amazing effects on your physical and mental wellbeing.

Professional Growth 

Quite a few hospitals have float policies, which means that travel nurses are required to float to different units to serve out their shifts. This places you in a terrific opportunity to build upon your current skills and cultivate new ones. After a few contracts under your belt, your resume will begin to look quite impressive, indeed. 

Take Control of Your Nursing Career

Travel nursing is the ultimate way to further your growth when you feel as though you are stagnating in your career. If you have children and/or a spouse or life partner, you can take them on the road with you. You get to build out the life you want while making a difference in every life you have an opportunity to help along the way. 

Ready to Give Travel Nursing a Try?

The first step to becoming a traveling nurse is to partner with a staffing agency like Prolink Healthcare. You’ll gain inside knowledge of the industry, helping you get a leg up on the competition. You’ll also get paired with a recruiter who is motivated to place you with a hospital that best matches your skills and career goals. Learn how to ace your interview and get first dibs on new certification opportunities, while maintaining your current credentials. These are just the beginning. Where would you like to travel? Begin your career as a travel nurse by speaking with a dedicated Prolink account manager. Call (866)777-3704.

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