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Reasons Job Seekers Should Work with a Staffing Agency

November 23, 2021

Job hunting can be an exciting time. Here you have an opportunity to earn a healthy living, meet new people, and embark on a rewarding career. Depending on the field you plan to enter, your job...

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What Does a Travel Nurse Do?

November 2, 2021

Travel nurses venture to different cities, states, and sometimes countries to care for patients and promote healthcare and wellness. A travel nurse is an RN who is hired to work on a contract basis...

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Travel Nurse Negotiations Made Easier

October 26, 2021

Do travel nurse negotiations fill you with dread? You might be excited about the opportunity to travel to your latest job, but you may be apprehensive about hashing out all the details....

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Smiling Nurse

What is a Public Health Nurse?

September 22, 2021

Public health nurses make up the largest segment of the public health industry. These necessary healthcare professionals are responsible for all facets of public health care, including prevention,...

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Nursing Shoes

Best Shoes to Wear as a Nurse

September 14, 2021

As a nurse, you are expected to be on your feet for sometimes twelve hours shifts. Pick the wrong shoes and your shifts will feel excruciatingly long. That’s not the best strategy when you need to...

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Top Scrubs for Healthcare Workers

August 31, 2021

When dressing for work in the healthcare field, you want your scrubs to be functional, comfortable, and as stylish as you can get wearing PPE. With all the options you have to choose from when...

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Physician Jobs in Healthcare | Prolink Staffing
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Highest Paid Non-Physician Jobs in Healthcare

July 26, 2021

You can still get paid a high salary in the medical field, even if you’re not a doctor. Non-physician roles are increasing in availability, and medical organizations are willing to pay top dollar...

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Alaska Executive Search and Prolink Announce Collaboration

July 22, 2021

Alaska Executive Search (AES) and Prolink, LLC have announced their strategic collaboration, designed to provide optimal healthcare staffing solutions throughout Alaska. The AES-Prolink partnership...

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Healthcare professional with laptop
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In-Person AORN Conference Cancelled

July 20, 2021

Due to rising Covid-19 cases in Orange County, FL, the 2021 AORN Conference will no longer have an in-person option and will be fully virtual. For more details, visit the conference website here. ...

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Healthcare work from home jobs
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15 Work-from-Home Healthcare Jobs

July 19, 2021

Shutdowns caused by COVID-19 forced many workers to conduct business from home. Healthcare workers were not immune. Today, many jobs that previously required an office commute can be performed from...

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