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Why Healthcare Jobs Are on the Rise

May 5, 2021

Healthcare jobs are in high demand across the country. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that healthcare workers in various sectors will increase by 15% by 2024. That amounts to 2.4 million new jobs. There are currently 18.9 million workers employed in the healthcare field, which is nearly four million more than were employed in 2005. This boost in employment outpaces all other professions and is due to several important factors.

Americans Are Getting Older 

The baby boomer generation began reaching the age of 65 several years ago. Many of these individuals require medical care. This increases the need for more healthcare workers, but there is another factor that is compounding the problem. Americans are also living longer. By the year 2050, men are expected to live to 80 and women to 86, respectively. This means there will be a heavy demand for geriatric health professionals. Senior assistance, for example, is set to grow by seven times the average rate. There will also be a growing need for physicians, rehabilitation services, and pharmacists, among others. 

More People Have Health Insurance 

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, more Americans have access to health insurance. Social programs like Medicaid have also been expanded in many states. This expansion of coverage allows many previously uninsured individuals to seek out healthcare treatments. Not only can these folks visit the doctor, but they can get laboratory tests done, get their eyes examined, and receive rehabilitation care when needed. These services add to the growing need for healthcare jobs.

Management & Protection of Healthcare Records 

Paper medical charts have been replaced by paperless medical records. Healthcare facilities like hospitals, medical offices, and even insurance companies have a growing need to manage these records. This translates to more transcriptionist jobs, as well as computer and IT jobs to keep those records secure. 

Wellness & Preventive Care Programs 

With more Americans being insured, medical facilities are predicted to switch from reactive health care to preventative care services. Chronic health issues are on the rise among aging and other high-risk populations. Instead of seeking out a doctor when symptoms develop, medical professionals want to keep people healthy, so chronic conditions don’t develop in the first place. As such, medical facilities will need to hire more nutritionists, physical therapists, as well as doctors, physician assistants, and nurses as use of healthcare continues to evolve.

Medical Advances 

Advancements in medicine and healthcare technology are affecting the demand for more health services, which in turn create an opportunity for employing more workers that provide these services. The medical jobs highest in demand in the coming years due to these advancements include home health aides, phlebotomists, occupational therapy aides, medical assistants, medical secretaries, physical therapy aides, medical services managers, massage therapists, licensed practical nurses, respiratory therapists, audiologists, radiation therapists, nurse anesthetists, and registered nurses. These are just some of the roles that need to be filled. While some require many years of schooling and specialty qualifications, others only require a couple of years of community college education. 

With healthcare jobs in high demand, transitioning into the industry is more favorable than it ever has been. Healthcare employment is not only rewarding, but many positions offer highly competitive salaries. While many jobs in the healthcare sector require some level of certification, once those needs are met, you are likely to receive a high level of support to keep you employed. This is due to the shortages experienced across the board, especially in nursing. You also have a greater chance of upward mobility or cross-mobility into new healthcare roles.

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