Healthcare Managed Service Provider

A managed service provider (MSP) allows you to reduce the demands of contingent workforce management on your internal teams. With an MSP, our staffing experts become an extension of your HR department. We absorb this time-intensive, but critical business function, so you can get back to the core responsibilities of your role. Typically, alongside the MSP, we provide a vendor management system (commonly referred to as a VMS), which gives clients greater visibility into the status of every contingent staff member in their talent lifecycle.

Through an MSP, we also help clients remain compliant with any legal regulations and standards relevant to their workforce.

What We Do

With Prolink’s MSP service, we manage the following related to your contingent workforce:

  • Talent strategy
  • Recruitment
  • Compliance
  • Hiring
  • Supervision
  • Supplier selection
  • Order distribution
  • Reporting and optimization
  • Consolidated billing (depending on your payment preferences)

Benefits for You

  • Process efficiency
  • Reduced workforce cost
  • Enhanced cost transparency
  • Guidance from labor market experts
  • Innovative talent strategies
  • Excellent, accountable client service
  • Improved compliance and minimized risk