On-Site Healthcare Staffing Services

An on-site staffing service for hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare providers alleviates the responsibilities of hiring and managing your contract workforce. When a Prolink Team Member reports directly to your premises, recruitment accuracy is simply unmatched⸺and your contractors now have a point of contact, expediting processes while decreasing annual spending.

Get Insider Insight to Streamline Hiring

Nothing beats hands-on experience. With an on-site recruiter, you’ll also have a healthcare industry expert there to evaluate sourcing cycles and employee fluctuation. This is intimate knowledge that’s immediately translated into contract, temp, and permanent placement recruitment. With Prolink, you’re getting a strategic partnership that translates into real results.

Enjoy Improved Vendor Transparency

A full-time, on-site Prolink recruiter means ongoing talent matches to ensure you never miss the best candidates. With exclusive access to our robust, nationwide network and continuous outreach efforts, you’ll always have a clinical, managerial, or administrative professional ready to get started.