University Relations

Founded in 2011, Prolink is built upon a foundation of trusted relationships with our clients, talent, and internal team; together, this is the Prolink Family. We strive to be the vehicle that drives every member to succeed personally, professionally, and financially. Prolink’s University Relations and Recruiting is the process of attracting, supporting, and retaining students directly from college. This commitment starts with your first internship or career role.


We believe in fostering the next generation of talent through building exceptional talent pipelines. When joining Prolink, you will get a steadfast commitment to internships and campus relations. Our goal is to empower and develop early career talent, ensuring your success as you thrive and contribute to a brighter future for Prolink and beyond.


At Prolink, we provide unwavering support to early career talent through mentorship, resources, and tailored leadership programs, empowering early career talent to flourish and reach their full potential, underlining our commitment to growth and success.

Join the Prolink Family

As you embark on your professional journey, we welcome early career talent to become part of the Prolink family. We are a supportive and inclusive community that encourages every member to succeed personally, professionally, and financially.

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What Our Interns Have to Say

“I learned so much about Prolink internally and externally. I gained an understanding of the types of candidates that Prolink seeks along with the types of talent that we put on assignment to represent the company. Both things taught me that this company has a good foundation simply because we hire great people to represent us.”

Mikaya, PS&O Intern

“I have learned so many things, but the key skills I gained revolved around business communication, networking, real world experience, prioritization, problem solving, and adaptability. Things don't always go as planned, and often go wrong, but staying the course, adapting when necessary, and keeping calm will allow me to push through issues and still get the project done on time. I learned how to connect with others appropriately, manage a wide-ranging workload, take initiative, and build my resume with things that I can apply in my next endeavors.”

Emma, Marketing Intern

“I was thrilled to participate as a manager for Prolink's Internship Program. Initially, I was very impressed with the candidates I met in the interview process. Next, I appreciated that there was a clear program for the interns to supplement what they would learn on their teams. And there was ongoing support for me as a manager to make sure I was on track and was set up for success.”

Robin , Director of Talent Management

“Being an intern leader has been very rewarding; it pushed me in ways I wasn't expecting. I felt very responsible for Emma, in a way that challenged my thinking and time management skills. I wanted to ensure she felt welcome, engaged, and experienced growth, while continuing to run the department and tend to my direct reports. I considered it a great responsibility to help Emma learn the skills she needs to succeed professionally.”

Rachel , Director of Marketing

“It was great to see someone come in and learn a large set of skills to benefit them for the future in IT.”

Scott , Director of IT Shared Services
Internship Program

Internship Program

Our goal is to offer a comprehensive national internship program to help students gain real-world experience for their future career. The 12-week program seeks to place students with experienced Prolink leaders who are willing and able to serve as supervisors/mentors for our interns. Leaders will offer students insights on career paths and roles, share their experiences, and provide a range of workplace advice. We aim to give students a better understanding of their desired field and how to pursue a path toward it through engagement and meaningful projects.

Internships will provide Prolink with an opportunity to assess new talent, bring in fresh perspectives, address skills gaps, and promote the employer brand.