Workforce Solutions

As a human resources decision maker, you have an incredible opportunity to impact your organization’s productivity and success. But with opportunity comes a host of time-intensive processes and costly risks, from bad hires to employee turnover, endless hours of workforce management, payroll processing, and more.

Prolink’s vision is to be a vehicle of growth for every individual we work with, clients and talent alike. We work diligently to understand your organization’s needs and goals so we can provide the most valuable workforce partnership you’ve ever had. Below you’ll find our staffing brands and the workforce specialties they support. Click to learn more or scroll down to read about our workforce solutions. We look forward to connecting.

Healthcare Staffing Solutions

Nursing, Allied Health, Therapy, Home Health Care, Clinical Research, Long-Term Care and more

Travel Staffing

Travel Nursing: ICU, Med Surg, Respiratory Therapy, OR, ER, Tele, Cath Lab and more

Resourcing Staffing

Engineering, Architecture, Construction, Manufacturing, Finance, Office Admin, Energy and more

Technology Staffing

Data Management, IT Infrastructure & Support, Application Development, Functional Skills and more


Adapt to the rapidly changing demands of your business and industry with no expectation for long-term commitments through contract hiring. Additional advantages include risk mitigation, budget flexibility, increased staffing agility, enhanced team creativity and more.


Ensure your candidate is the right professional and cultural fit before making them a permanent addition to your team. Benefits of this trial period, or contract-to-hire solution, include: reduces employee turnover, compatible with short-term budgets, adaptable to changing workforce needs and diversifies team perspectives (in other words, adds a different pair of eyes to messy problems and helps employers bring innovative solutions from new team member).

Direct Hire

This solution allows employers to outsource traditional hiring and tap a deep pool of qualified candidates. Under this arrangement, Prolink sources professionals for client consideration. The client then hires the professional of their choice, and finally the professional becomes an employee of the client. The client’s workforce needs as well as the nature of the role(s) to be filled typically dictates whether a client chooses a direct hire or other hiring solutions.

Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Under an Managed Service Provider (MSP) solution, the Prolink team assumes primary oversight of client’s contingent workforce. Typical responsibilities for MSPs include overall program management, reporting and tracking, supplier selection and management, order distribution and, oftentimes, billing consolidation.

A majority of clients that use MSPs also utilize our vendor management system (VMS) services as well as onsite solutions.

Vendor Management System (VMS)

Prolink has partnerships with several Vendor Management System (VMS) providers. We perform an in-depth analysis of each client’s needs to inform our VMS recommendation. A VMS is a digital service that acts as a medium for employers to manage and procure staffing services as well as outside contract or contingent labor. Typical features of a VMS include order distribution, consolidated billing and significant enhancements in reporting capability over manual systems and processes.

On Site

With on-site staffing services, a Prolink team member reports directly to the client’s facility to manage their contract workforce. This onsite representative becomes a key player in ensuring that on-boarding, management and assignment off-boarding process flows smoothly without disrupting client operations. The Prolink representative becomes contract talent’s point-of-contact for questions related to contract assignment, benefits, policies and procedures. With this type of resource in place, HR processes are expedited, quality of client operations are increased, visibility into clients’ VoP is enhanced and annual spend is decreased. Finally, on-site staffing solutions are effective at reducing the risk of co-employment.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

With Prolink’s Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solution, our team acts as the client’s internal recruitment function for all or a portion of their jobs. We manage the entire recruiting and hiring process, beginning with job profiling to new hire onboarding. The overarching goal of Prolink’s RPO is to reduce clients’ time-to-file, increase candidate quality, provide clear metric reporting and adhere to all compliance regulations.