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Job Placement and Staffing Solutions

Prolink is here to ensure you have the best people working for your organization. As a true partner to our clients, our recruiters screen talent for experience and cultural fit, while our compliance and clinical teams can handle interviews and credentialing to reduce the burden on your team. Our services include:

  • Contract Talent. Hire skilled professionals on a temporary basis for short- or long-term assignments.
  • Permanent Placement. Add full-time employees, from early- to mid-career to executive level.
  • Managed Staffing Solutions. Access deep consulting expertise or specialized project teams to solve business challenges.
Healthcare worker with documents

Healthcare Staffing

No matter your need, we are experts at finding excellent healthcare talent, having placed thousands of professionals in hundreds of skillsets.

Travel nurse walking

Travel Staffing Solutions

When you require travel healthcare solutions, we are your solution, providing nursing and allied health talent.

Worker at the factory using machinery

Skilled Labor Staffing Solutions

Our team of experts stays in step with the most in-demand skills you need in your workforce to help you stay ahead of the competition.

Person with a laptop configuring server hardware

Technology Staffing Solutions

Our network of IT talent are ready to get started so your projects can stay on track and under budget.

Travel Healthcare Jobs

Ready to go? We’ve got the job to take you where you want to be, and your Prolink recruiter can put you there - each of our recruiters has the ability to fill any position, no matter the location. Travel nursing allows you to care for patients while simultaneously satisfying your love of travel. Enjoy job flexibility and benefits like housing bonuses and tax-free income. With Prolink, your medical insurance and 401k are available from Day One. Whether you have your Registered Nursing (RN) license or you’re working toward your ADN or BSN, we’ll find a great fit. Pick your next adventure, and we will get you there.

Healthcare Jobs

We’ve got an opening for you, no matter what your healthcare profession. Prolink has relationships with medical facilities around the country, and we staff every type of healthcare position. Search for your ideal healthcare job at hospitals, clinics, labs, and private doctor offices based on your unique job preferences related to salary, benefits, and company culture. Are you ready to find the right fit and do what you love? Stay close to home or hit the road – let us know what you want, and we will match you with the perfect position.

Skilled Jobs

Skilled trades are in high demand, and Prolink helps fill needs across a wide range of manufacturing, automation, administrative, and design sectors. Your recruiter will take the time to understand your experience and your goals, so your next job helps move you forward along your personal and professional path. We make it easy by pairing you with a recruiter who is a true partner in your employment journey. You will receive immediate notifications anytime a suitable job becomes available, and our system allows you to sort them according to the different aspects of compensation most valuable to you. Reach out today, and let us get you where you want to be.

Technology Jobs

We’re placing top talent in this high-paying field, where they can work at the forefront of technological advancement. These positions span every employment sector, and the possibilities are virtually endless when you enter the technology workforce. Your recruiter will work with you to determine your ideal workplace, cultural fit, compensation package, and more. With a wide array of technology positions available, we can guide you to the position that meets your needs and allows you to do what you do best. Whether you’re just getting started or are ready for the next leap in your career, we will link you with your next incredible technology position.

Partnering with Prolink

Unique Perks

Enjoy comprehensive benefits for you and your family:

  • Health, dental, and vision insurance
  • No-Cost Minimum Essential Coverage insurance
  • Short- and long-term disability
  • Life insurance
  • Pet insurance
  • Certification and CE Reimbursement
  • Generous extension and referral bonuses
Professional Development

Our recruiters are hard at work for you:

  • We will find the best roles just for you because we take the time to get to know you and what gets you excited, motivated, and inspired.
  • You can work wherever you want! We have the ability to place you in any of our thousands of jobs across the country.
  • Think of us as your personal career consultants, getting you where you want to go.
Reliable Support

Our goal is to streamline every step of your onboarding and transition journey with Prolink:

  • Your recruiter will work closely with you throughout the compliance process to manage all the details.
  • Our world-class Compliance Team ensures that you will get in the door as fast as possible.
  • You can feel secure, knowing we have a solid partnership between our talent, our clients, and our internal team. To be the best, we work with the best!
Proactive Communication

Rely on our expertise so you can focus on the work you love:

  • Your Prolink recruiter will communicate weekly to ensure everything is going smoothly and help you decide what comes next.
  • Our Clinical and Compliance teams are here to streamline all onboarding details.
  • Our purpose is to bring your legacy to life! We will work together to help you achieve your long-term goals.
Prolink team smiling in Cincinnati
Get to Know Prolink
Get to Know Prolink

Get to Know Prolink

Founded as a family business, Prolink remains committed to our core values through years of growth and expansion. 

  • We value our commitments and won’t quit until our clients and talent are fully happy.
  • We thrive on forming lasting connections with people.
  • Regular communication and reliable guidance build trust, and that’s what you will get from us. We’re in this together.

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