The DAISY Award and Prolink

Recognize an exceptional nurse.

Prolink is a proud partner of The DAISY Foundation, celebrating nurses who are performing extraordinary acts of service in facilities across the country.

Join us in celebrating nurses. Prolink is calling on its healthcare partners to nominate Prolink nurses for the DAISY Award. Managers, peers, recruiters, and patients are encouraged to recognize the individuals who are making a significant impact in our communities. Please see the requirements below and click the NOMINATE button to get started.

What are the nomination requirements?

  • Patient advocate/people focused.
  • Empathetic and compassionate.
  • Trustworthy - always acting in patients, families, and/or peers best interest, turning negative into positive.
  • Attention to detail, clinical expertise-exceeds at meeting patients, families, and/or peers expectations.
  • Leadership skills - organized, critical thinker, ability to prioritize, educator.
  • Steadfast - ability to keep calm in chaos and act as a leader, reliable.
  • Must be an RN or LPN.

What is DAISY?

The DAISY Award was established by the DAISY Foundation in memory of J. Patrick Barnes who died at 33 of ITP, an auto-immune disease. The Barnes family was awestruck by the clinical skills, caring and compassion of the nurses who cared for Patrick, so they created this international award to say thank you to nurses everywhere.

Prolink's DAISY Recognition Program was launched in May 2023.
Check out our winners. 

January 2024


"Cynthia is an amazing nurse! She has been on my unit since she came to [my facility] and is an absolute joy to work with. She is always positive even during the hard shifts. Cynthia is a phenominal RN, very team oriented, the providers love her and patients always praise her kindness and attention to detail. We secretely have been trying to recruit her to [our facility] since she began". [Cynthia] is equally loved by our patients and team!! She was also recognized by one of her patients who called the hospital to commend her for going above and beyond her nursing duties and for showing him extraordinary care. [Cynthia] was his nurse for three days and continued to go 'way above' her nursing duties for which he was incredibly grateful for. He said, 'she would immediately light up the room when she walked in and had an outstanding attitude!'". Written by a Nursing Manager at a large state hospital.

Prolink Daisy Award Jan 2024

December 2023

Lem L.

"Lem has had multiple comments from the Critical Care Staff that were placed in our "You Made a Difference" box in the ICU breakroom. I have had compliments from patients regarding how caring he is and his compassion for patients. [Lem] has a positive impact on staff in many departments just because of how kind he is as well as his nursing knowledge and skills. I do not think we [facility permanent staff] have ever met someone as nice and positive as he has been. He has impacted staff morale in a positive way by saying how blessed we are to have an administrative team, a manager who cares about the staff, good working conditions and [focus on] patient safety". Written by the ICU Manager at Lem's facility

Prolink Daisy Award 2023

November 2023

Renee C.

Renee has been traveling with Prolink since 2021. She has received numerous nominations for the DAISY award while on travel assignments during her time with Prolink and has actually been awarded it twice prior. [Renee] has been nominated by patients, families and fellow staff for exceptional patient care and going above and beyond. In her most recent nomination, a patient shared, "Good morning. I am a patient [at Renee's hospital] right now, and this is my second night with this extraordinary and unique lady. I am in pain and uncomfortable, but because of Renee, I am able to smile. I not only get consistently great care, but the encouragement to continue to not give up. I thank you for this chance to thank Renee again for her expertise, her patience, her kindness, and for her care and concern". Submitted by Tami H., Prolink Recruiting Team Lead

October Daisy Award

October 2023

Judelain F.

Judelain Florestal is so loved by staff, providers, and really everyone he comes in contact with! The most recent letter from a patient read, "I was admitted [throughout the month of June] and Jude took care of me. He is a compassionate nurse that [truly] listens to you. He is an extraordinary nurse that cares and goes above and beyond". Written by a Senior Director of Financial Performance Operations at a large health system.

October 2023 Daisy Winners

September 2023

Thomas B.

"[Thomas] is an exceptional RN. He is prompt, skilled, and extremely knowledgeable. What stands out the most is his compassion for patients and his willingness to step in and help the team, no matter the circumstance. [Thomas] adapts quickly and learned our processes timely. He even made suggestions to better our system. [Thomas] is an amazing addition to our already great team". Submitted by Jaunita S., Prolink Client Services Specialist, on behalf of an Emergency Department Director at a large health system.

August 2023

Eyong S.

August 2023 DAISY Winner! Nomination stories: “Eyong Shadrack won employee of the Month for the month of May at Banner Lassen, Lassen normally does not reward travelers with this award as they feel it’s important to highlight their internal staff. However, Eyong goes above and beyond and never complains. Banner Lassen is a small critical access facility, and Eyong is always willing to do whatever it takes to make sure the patient is taken care of. He has completed 14 placements with Lassen since 2021.” -Written by Anna Siver, Prolink Client Relationship Manager “[Eyong] has been traveling with me for two straight years. He is dedicated, never calls off work, always stays connected, and was awarded employee of the month at his facility. I can give details but the words on his certificate says it all, ‘[Eyong] is customer obsessed, demonstrates relentless improvement, courageously innovate, disciplined focus, fostering accountability, continuously earning trust.” -Written by Teresa Stoll, Prolink Senior Recruiter.

July 2023

Louis F.

"[The patient] is so anxious so he sings Mama Mia while drawing her blood. He can instantly make her smile when he cracks a little joke. She said if she has an anxiety attack, he stays with her and talks her down. She does not like tap water and the floor was out of bottled; so he used his own money to get her a water. She could not say enough good things about him [and wanted to give him recognition]."

June 2023

Senait K.

"Senait's care and the relationship she built with her [oncology] patient made a lasting impact on the patient themselves and their family. The patient would routinely ask for nothing and state that they know she was busy with other patients. Senait refused to listen to this and insisted that the patient would receive the best care."

May 2023

Laura B.

"Laura had outstanding communication and then was so excellent with the family. She worked hard to get all of their medications administered prior to the discharge via EMS to the house [to fulfil the patients wish of passing at home with family]". She went above and beyond to relay her concern and compassion to the family."

What happens after a nomination is received?

Prolink’s DAISY Committee, comprised of internal team members, will vet the nominees, and select a winner(s) out of the pool of nominations. Winners may be recognized on site at their facility or virtually, in addition to our social platforms and the DAISY website. Each will also be awarded a certificate and a statue from DAISY.

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