Technology - Direct Hire

For tech sectors in any industry, a high-quality hire—one who fits the company flow while bringing unique expertise and perspective to the role—is crucial. Dips in performance and gaps in knowledge in competitive, saturated markets aren't just costly, they’re often unaffordable.

Why Direct Hire

When you’re certain you need a qualified professional for the long-term, consider skipping the contract-to-hire period and go straight to permanent placement. Industry specialties that Prolink Technology supports include:

  • IT Infrastructure and Support
  • Application Development
  • PMO

Why Direct Hire with Prolink Technology?

At Prolink Technology, we use a proven, proprietary recruitment process that delivers high-quality IT candidates quickly. We pair that process with a robust network of talented technology professionals who have earned relevant, valuable and in-demand skill sets. This combination sets Prolink Technology apart from our competition and it’s why we’re confident we can deliver workforce solutions that help you meet your organization’s most aggressive objectives.