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Resolve recruitment staffing shortages without the hurdles or headaches.

Nurse Staffing Made Easier

We staff top nursing talent in today’s highly competitive environment, saving you time and ensuring that you have the most qualified talent for superior patient outcomes. Our team works closely with your organization to find talent that best fits your needs and culture.

Right now, there are nurses with proven experience seeking a medical facility like yours. We take care of all the details–-recruitment, screening, background checks, licensing, and onboarding–-so they come to you ready for an interview. And if selected, we will handle all contracting and onboarding so they are ready on day one.

Seamless Onboarding

Prolink’s goal is to hasten the interview and hiring process. Every applicant we deliver has been vetted and you can be assured that they will be a complementary match to your organization. 

Once our team understands your staffing preferences, we will match your applicants according to their education and experience. We believe company culture is important. When you receive an applicant from Prolink, you can be confident that our clinician is an excellent fit for your organization.

Less Turnover

Having to hire and retrain staff over and again can be costly. Patient care can suffer, as can clinical staff morale. 

Since every Prolink nurse applicant is cross-checked and referenced, you can confidently add more nurses to your facility while avoiding common hiring pitfalls. High retention is one of our differentiators, helping us deliver cost savings to our clients.

We Accommodate Your Customized Staffing Needs

As your nurse staffing agency, we will provide customized staffing solutions that fit your nursing needs. 

When your organization demands more nursing staff, we have hundreds of nurses who are ready to work. We can quickly fill key positions and keep your organization operating efficiently and according to schedule.

With this kind of hiring efficiency, and with exclusive access to our pool of top nursing talent, your organization will become stronger with every nurse you hire.

Book All Nurse Schedules

Prolink's talent can fill AM, PM, or float shifts. No matter the type or size of your staffing gaps, Prolink can meet your requirements.

We personally vet and interview each of our nursing applicants. Just as we get to know and understand your organization and values, we do the same for our nurse staffing applicants.

By interviewing each individual, we do our part to ensure the clinician possesses the work ethic and dedication to patient safety you require in all of your nurse recruits.

We review our applicants so that we understand their career goals and what drives them to provide quality care for their patients. We select the best nurses who have demonstrated ability to perform in their roles with reliability.

The healthcare system needs individuals who are willing to work hard while performing at their best. Our nurse staffing applicants are leaders who reflect these strong values and remain committed to professional development, allowing you to fulfill your organizational goals.

Registered Nurses, Certified Nursing Assistants, and Other Top Nursing Talent

Prolink can provide talent with the following skillsets:

  • ICU
  • PCU
  • L&D
  • PEDS
  • CVOR
  • ER
  • ED
  • PACU
  • PICU
  • Med/Surg
  • Telemetry
  • LTC
  • LTAC
  • LPN
  • CNAs
Dependable Healthcare Staffing

We are able to build trust with our nurse staffing partners because we invest in our vetting process. We stand behind the top nursing talent we deliver, and we will quickly resolve any concerns if they arise. 

We offer dedicated support every step of the way when you become a Prolink partner. We aim to give you the confidence to know you’ve chosen correctly when it comes to fulfilling your nurse staffing needs.

Save Time and Enhance Patient Care by Partnering with Prolink

Through an efficient pre-employment screening process and diligent consultative support, we can help you save thousands of dollars each year in labor cost. 

Our services help improve patient outcomes while boosting the morale of your other permanent staff by helping you maintain appropriate staffing whatever your census needs might be.

As one of the largest healthcare staffing agencies in the country as ranked by Staffing Industry Analysts, we understand patient complexity and your need for quality nurses to support your facility’s objectives.

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