Technology Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Talent sourcing, acquisition, management, and retention require thick budgets. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) from Prolink Technology is an effective approach to cost control. Our technology recruitment teams customize our services to match your sector, company culture, ongoing needs and long-term goals. Then we submit qualified professionals for review at your convenience.

Proprietary Recruiting Process

Prolink Technology’s hiring process is exclusive to our clients. We begin by sourcing the industry's most promising candidates from a national pool. Each candidate is carefully screened by highly-trained experts to identify the best match. Then we narrow the field even further during the selection process, ensuring your newest team member is a perfect fit and stays for the long-term.

RPO Delivers ROI

With an RPO solution, Prolink Technology reduces hiring lead time and costs, which means upfront expenses are minimized, turnover is reduced, and competitive advantage is earned. Let’s partner and win the battle for top technology professionals together.