Technology - Contract-to-Hire

The tech industry is notorious for innovation, pop-up projects and sudden skill gaps that need to be filled yesterday. Get the support you need from qualified professionals in real time and keep critical projects moving forward on schedule. Once the trial period comes to a close, you can assess both the contractor and your team’s ongoing needs before making any long-term commitments.

Our contract-to-hire services can be used for both permanent and temporary positions, which affords greater flexibility for your workforce.

A Strong Hire for Any Contract Length

Contract-to-hire provides agility that is vital to rapidly evolving businesses no matter your sector. Some of the areas of specialization within our talent pools include:

  • IT Infrastructure and Support
  • Application Development
  • PMO

Why Contract-to-Hire with Pro-Link Staffing

Our proprietary recruiting process combines state-of-the-art workforce optimization technology with sourcing strategy honed by decades of industry experience to find the right talent for your team quickly. This streamlined process guarantees a qualified professional ready to make an immediate impact on your business. Reach out to Prolink Technology and let's get them on board.