Skilled Labor - Onsite

Prolink offers a Vendor-On-Premises (VOP) solution ideal for ongoing hiring needs. This means you’ll have a dedicated Prolink staff member onsite, who’s trained in managing a contingent workforce specific to your niche. With us, you can expect consistent quality, flawless integration and ongoing optimization.

Prolink VOP Covers the Full Hiring Cycle

We don’t put limits on our VOP partnerships, because onsite collaboration ignites new possibilities. But beyond firsthand insights that can greatly improve talent acquisition and staffing practices, we immediately cover your:

  • Recruitment, utilizing proprietary technology, expansive networks, and eagle-eye recruiters.
  • Onboarding, where new workers integrate into the workflow and culture quickly but effectively.
  • Retention, to keep the best talent in-house and away from competitors.
  • Scheduling, so that you’re never caught short-staffed.

Industry Specialties

Prolink knows how specialized subgenres of different industries can be. That’s why our team is comprised of experts wholly focused on specific fields. Reach out today for more specifics, but our areas of expertise covers:

  • Manufacturing
  • Construction and Architecture
  • Professional Services (Legal, Financial, Marketing, Etc.)
  • Energy and Scientific
  • Government and Nonprofit