Skilled Labor Vendor Management System

A vendor management system (VMS) allows employers to consolidate recruiting operations and gain new efficiency and cost savings. 

Prolink provides capable, credentialed and ready-to-work professionals on demand. 

Before initiating a new process, the Prolink team executes a thorough analysis of our clients’ hiring system to ensure the VMS is optimally structured for the client. Benefits include:

Cost Efficiency

A VMS allows hiring managers to reduce their involvement in the technical details of the hiring process. Employers are able to outsource this time-consuming operation to a highly specialized team and access the latest hiring technologies without investing directly in them.

Improved Operations

Throughout the hiring lifecycle, employers have access to a user-friendly VMS that centralizes key workforce data points. They can access invoices, time card submissions and other communications instantly. 

Prolink is skilled at matching clients with the right VMS platform for them⸺with features that improve their business’s operations and team function.