Travel Vendor Management System

Managing a large contingent workforce is more efficient and cost-effective with a vendor management system (VMS) from Prolink. We source the right VMS specific to your operations, with intuitive features and a simple design to keep your staffing updates in one place and easily accessible.

Further, a VMS is particularly well-suited for a healthcare provider’s staffing goals. When you need timely support from a qualified professional, simply add a new job request to your VMS portal. Then, while you focus on responsibilities like improving patient outcomes, Prolink sources, screens, and submits qualified candidates for your review.

Save Budget and Capacity with a VMS

When you move contract operations to a VMS, your staffing operations become more streamlined, organized, and measurable. From communicating with your staff to timesheet monitoring to consolidated billing, you can access it all with the right VMS. Paired with Prolink's cost-cutting recruitment services, your contingent workforce management is a call away from meaningful optimization.