On-Site Travel Staffing Services

With a Vendor-on-Premises (VoP) solution, healthcare employers bring Prolink recruitment experts on-site, full time. This service is a step above other on-demand solutions and is designed for healthcare networks that require a constant, hands-on recruitment and staffing method. Prolink's on-site solution can act as an additional resource for large-scale hiring efforts, such as opening new departments or EMR implementation.

Firsthand Recruitment Insights

While our proprietary recruitment process is a proven solution for keeping our clients optimally staffed, VoP pushes those efforts even further by putting a Prolink recruiter on the ground to understand all aspects of the healthcare system. In tandem with our exclusive recruiting strategies, your network will enjoy continual staffing optimization and a lower turnover rate.

Your Partner, Right Down the Hall

Team with Prolink for complete transparency, full-time dedication, and a passionate collaborator who’s excited to make an impact. With an on-site hiring expert just a few steps away, they're poised to jump in when needed. During slower hiring periods, your expert will identify new opportunities to bring unexpected value. Enhance your recruitment process and keep your contract staff operating at peak performance with Prolink on-site staffing services.