Contract-to-Hire Travel Staffing

Contract employment is a popular solution for healthcare networks’ staffing needs. It allows them to react and adapt to rapidly changing needs in real time.

Flexible Contracts

At Prolink, we strive to drive back our clients’ staffing challenges and limitations. The most attractive element of contract hiring is the ability to test and learn as you go. So if you're unsure about what your long-term needs are, you’re exploring the right solution. We'll fill one role or a thousand with healthcare professionals excited to provide excellent patient care.

Unrivaled Contract Recruitment

The Prolink recruitment process is proprietary, which means our clients have exclusive access to a unique staffing solution. Recruiters source talent from a long-cultivated pool of candidates. They then screen and compare top candidates, identifying the best match for submittal. Finally, our team ensures your healthcare contractor’s logistical plan is in place well ahead of their start date and so they can focus on positively impacting patients from day one.