Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

People First
At Prolink, our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) philosophy is rooted by the belief that we show up as our authentic selves. We embrace our differences by recognizing and acknowledging that every one of us comes to the table with a unique life experience, providing diverse perspectives. We have a responsibility to respect all people so that we can come together to provide world class solutions and experiences to our internal team, talent, clients and communities in which we live and serve.  

Our DE&I Vision
We are committed to building an organization that embodies DE&I in our everyday functions, fostering a psychologically safe environment for all to thrive.   

Our DE&I Mission
We recognize that as a leader in workforce solutions, we have a responsibility to promote a culture of inclusion and belonging that starts from within. We are committed to listening to, learning from, and considering all perspectives as we provide the best solutions to our internal team, talent, clients, and communities.  

Internal Programs

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)
Employee Resource Groups are employee groups that come together based on a common interest or background; many are formed around race, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation, parental status, national origin, religion or belief, or generation. ERGs help employees feel like they have a sense of belonging by providing support and empathy that may not be present in work- focused teams.

  • ERGs are a place for community and learning. They provide a safe space for discussions and idea sharing.  
  • Help the leadership team understand what matters to their people and how best to respond. 
  • Build a culture of allyship by providing a forum for discussion and learning.  
  • Promote personal and professional development – ERGs provide access to and support for learning initiatives and growth for their members.  
  • Contributes to the business by helping retain top talent and recruit a more diverse talent pool. 
Women + Allies

Create a platform to inspire and elevate all women. Champion personal and professional growth and empower woman to be lead within our organization and our communities.

Mental Health & Wellness

Establish a community within the Prolink Family that enhances psychological safety and encourages conversations around mental health which reinforces our Linked by Empathy and Family First Core Values.

People of Color + Allies

Empower and advocate for people of color at Prolink, fostering an inclusive and equitable environment where all employees can thrive, contribute their unique perspectives, and reach their full potential.

Working Parents & Caregivers

Create a safe community for parents, caregivers and their allies to share, be seen, educate and help each other thrive professionally and personally.


"It was important to have men's mental health month recognized because of the stigma around men seeking mental health and/or having feelings, in general. "Being a man" often translates to sucking it up and not showing weakness. Talking about these things in a place of work shows how connected we all are even though we're spread out all over the country."

Joel I.,
Recruiting Team Lead

"I am on a journey in my personal life learning about Jewish faith, its history, and meanings. Being part of the Heritage Months and DE&I community has allowed me to not only learn more, but to do my homework, to provide facts and updates, while celebrating the traditions of Jewish Holy days by sharing and honoring for our Prolink family who may not get to be heard during most common work holidays."

Shannon B.,
Recruiting Coordinator I

"The CLA program has connected me with so many people from the same walks of life who are either already successful in their roles or working towards the same goals. It has been an incredible course to provide me the opportunities that most of us have never had before and provides the ability to bring the tools we are learning to our current and future roles within Prolink. I am incredibly grateful to be part of the CLA program."

Mariah T.,
Team Recruiting Coordinator

"Working on the MLI project has been life changing for me. Being able to help assist the future fellows, jump start their career in athletics, as been truly amazing. Some would never have this opportunity, if not for the McLendon Foundation and Prolink awesome MLI recruiters. Thank you Prolink, for providing me this opportunity to give back to the minority community!"

Brandie P.,
Recruiting Coordinator II

Development Opportunities

McKinsey Connected Leader Academy

McKinsey Companys works with organizations that are on a new growth journey in pursuit of sustainability, inclusion, and economic growth, all at the same time. In 2020, they launched the Black Leadership Academy, which has since expanded to Connected Leader Academy (CLA), as part of their 10 actions to support racial justice and equity. The academy offers three different programs: Leadership Essentials, Management Accelerator, and Executive Leadership, for three different demographic groups: Asian, Black, and Hispanic or Latino. 

CLA is an external program that works directly with leaders from the McKinsey program with participants coming from across the country and representing all industries. The leaders of this development program are all people of color those who share the same race/ethnic identity as the participants to unpack challenges with other leaders facing similar obstacles. It seeks to reduce barriers of access for underrepresented professionals.  

Prolink realizes developmental opportunities are important for everyone. As we commit ourselves to People Excellence, the success, growth, and development of all people is one of our top priorities. Partnering with CLA aligns with our DE&I strategic ambition of attracting, developing, and retaining high-quality talent. 

Women in Leadership

Prolink’s Women in Leadership program was created to provide women with the tools and networking to further their career as a successful leader, whether by title or example. The course covers topics like crucial conversations, dealing with imposter syndrome, filling your ‘gas tank’, visualization, and more. 

Unconscious Bias Education

Prolink strives to offer unique educational experiences to all of our internal team members. In 2023, we set an organizational goal for 80% of our team members to receive Unconscious Bias Education. We recognize that our past experiences and knowledge can impact the decisions we make as well as our interactions with others. To create a safe, open and inclusive working environment, we have to ensure what we do is rooted in facts & reality and are not based on judgements or stereotypes.

External Partnerships

Minority Leadership Initiative (MLI) 

Fueled by commitment to community, Prolink partnered with the McLendon Foundation to launch the Minority Leadership Initiative (MLI). The purpose is to provide minorities a jump-start to their careers and access to opportunities for meaningful employment experiences all while instilling the values of John McLendon — integrity, education, leadership, and mentorship. 

Originally funded by collegiate coaches, the MLI program is a one-year transformational program that provides Fellows a jump-start to their careers in sports through a year-long employment opportunity, a robust professional development curriculum, and access to a robust network of MLI alumni.  

As the start of the 2023-2024 recruitment year, there were 120 Fellow placed in positions across the country with 93% of them obtaining a full time position by the end of the fellowship. This is a huge testament to the success of the program.  

Prolink is proud to be a partner of a purposeful organization like McLendon Foundation.

Building a Legacy

At Prolink, we are committed to supporting diversity in the communities where we operate and our employees live. We aim to create a more equitable and inclusive future for generations to come by giving to a variety of deserving organizations.

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