COVID Workforce Response

A COVID-19 Workforce Response plan outlines a company’s protocol to manage what happens when an employee shows symptoms of coronavirus infection or develops symptoms of the virus. When an employee has been exposed or infected, the individual should be isolated from the rest of the workforce. To prevent further spread, consider restricting the number of personnel who are allowed to enter isolation areas.

Once the employee is isolated, contact tracing can help track down the possible spread of infection. When engaging in contact tracing, conduct as many interviews as necessary. Ask infected employees to identify any individuals who worked within six feet or less of them for longer than 15 minutes in the 48-hour period before the onset of symptoms. The interviews should be conducted until the infected employee is cleared to discontinue self-isolation.

At the same time, unvaccinated employees who worked closely with the infected individual and vaccinated employees who are symptomatic should be sent home; vaccinated employees who are asymptomatic do not need to quarantine. During quarantine, infected employees or those suspected of infection should self-monitor for symptoms. Self-monitoring protocols can include checking their temperature twice per day, monitoring for fever and/or cough, and being mindful of becoming short of breath. The person should also avoid contact with high-risk individuals.

The workplace should then be cleaned, and all employees notified.

CDC guidelines state that an infected employee should remain home until released by a physician or public health official. If no official medical clearance is possible, follow CDC rules on when an employee may emerge from isolation. These rules state how to proceed when an employee tests positive for COVID-19 according to the symptoms exhibited.

As the world continues to adapt to the imapcts of COVID-19, you can ease employees’ concerns while maintaining safety by establishing protocols for handling current and future infections.

How We Help

Prolink’s full-service COVID Workforce Response program is designed to mitigate the potential spread of COVID-19 in your workplace, keeping your employees safe, and ensuring COVID-19 screening to promote a safe and healthy working environment.

We perform temperature screenings before employees walk in the door, administer CDC questionnaires to identify high risk employees, and conduct COVID-19 testing and reporting.

We perform contact tracing, help you protect the office, and can enact steps to isolate infected employees.

We also include nursing access, annual flu vaccinations, employee assistance programs, and hand washing education and monitoring.

If your business requires PPE, we can provide education and respirator fit testing (if N95 masks are required).

If you are bringing your employees back to the office, Our Back to Work Safety protocol follows CDC guidelines for COVID-19 screenings and testing, and those suggested by global, national, and local health authorities. We also work with your local health department to ensure the testing and communication process follows all local laws and regulations.

How is Prolink Different?

Not only can our safety protocols keep your business and employees protected, but our resource workforce solutions offer a superior hiring experience. We offer the right mix of technical skills and domain-specific knowledge that your enterprise needs. Whether you work in the field of engineering, manufacturing, architecture, construction, energy, science, or government, or you offer a skilled trade or professional service, we can help.

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