Flu Season Staffing

From census spikes to increased clinician absenteeism, the challenges healthcare systems face during flu season are extensive.

While healthcare leaders cannot expect to fully eliminate these cycles, a flu season contingency plan that includes a temporary workforce can make a significant impact on patient care.

Flu Season Healthcare Staffing Can Prevent Being Short Handed

Having a seasonal contingent workforce plan in place helps ensure continuity of care, while preventing non-sick workers from becoming overworked. 

What Are the Predictions for the 2021-2022 Flu Season During the Pandemic?

The world continues to deal with the unrelenting daily spread of COVID-19. The 2021-2022 flu season could overlap with the coronavirus pandemic, leading to increased strain on healthcare systems. Guard against the worst-case-scenario now by putting plans into place to keep your healthcare workforce staffed throughout seasonal illnesses. 

Does Your Surge Staffing Plan Include Contingent Workforce?

The wrong time to start searching for help is during a flu pandemic, when the majority of your permanent employees call in sick. You can find peace of mind by using Prolink to avoid a staffing frenzy. There is no cost associated with establishing a partnership in advance.

How Can Temporary Staffing Help Your Network and Impact Patient Outcomes?

Partnering with a staffing agency like Prolink helps you identify candidates who can fill in for your absent workforce anytime, day or night. These professionals come fully trained and ready to work, and thanks to our proprietary onboarding system, your contingent workforce will merge seamlessly with your current hiring practices. 

With your most important medical roles fully staffed, patient care and clinician satisfaction rise. 

The Value of a Prolink Partner

  • Comprehensive Staffing Solutions: Let us impact your workforce problems with professionals who can fill any role.
  • Strategic Partner: As your staffing partner, we offer access to a broad and active pool of candidates.
  • Industry Knowledge: We have decades of collective healthcare recruiting and staffing, which means we can solve any staffing problem you’re facing, big or small.
  • Dedicated to Your Success: Become our partner and let us solve your unique staffing challenges.

Get in Touch

Prolink wants to help you weather the storm this coming flu season. Before your staff begin calling in sick, and before you begin facing a flood of patients and short staff, leave your information below and start on the path to peace of mind with Prolink. One of our experienced staffing experts will return your message shortly.

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What our clients are saying

Not only was Prolink able to deliver us over 1,000 nurses and respiratory therapists during our time of need, but their overall attention to detail and communication made our team feel as though they are a top priority.

Arizona Health System CNE