The Prolink leadership team at the 2023 SIA Healthcare Staffing Summit in Las Vegas
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Prolink Leaders Reflect on the 2023 SIA Healthcare Staffing Summit

November 10, 2023

The 2023 SIA Healthcare Staffing Summit, which took place last week in Las Vegas, challenged the staffing industry to look to the future. With the US temporary healthcare staffing market facing a critical inflection point as the height of the pandemic fades into memory, leaders connected on how to achieve sustainable growth in a moment of uncertainty. With the conference now a full week in their rearview, two Prolink leaders, President and CEO Tony Munafo and Vice President of Clinical Solutions Mary Hamilton, took a moment to reflect on the week that was: the panels, the keynote speakers, and the lessons learned.

Prolink CEO Tony Munafo SIA Healthcare Staffing Summit Panel Tony Munafo (second from right), Prolink President and CEO.

Tony Munafo, President and CEO

How would you describe the energy of the event? 
The energy was very positive. There was a lot of curiousity about how other companies and individuals view what is going on in the industry. I think people were also excited to hear about the latest and greatest technology and how it can make them more efficient and effective in their service offerings.

Which one of the speakers inspired you, and why? 
Janet Elkin, President and CEO of IMN Enterprises. I was excited to get her viewpoint on Locum Tenens staffing as the leader of one of the largest Locum firms. Hearing her perspective on the cycles that happen in healthcare staffing was very inspiring to me.

What is one thing you learned? 
I took away a lot of interesting viewpoints on market stabilization and the future of healthcare workforce solutions. I loved hearing the perspectives of others in the space, regarding what those things mean to their companies.

What's one message you hope the audience took away from your panel?
Understand who you are as an organization and own it. Don't try to be something that you're not. Once you understand who you are, create a road map that will lead you to success. There is plenty of business and plenty of opportunity for all of us to share in this space.

Prolink VP Clinical Solutions Mary Hamilton SIA Healthcare Staffing Summit Panel

Mary Hamilton (second from right), Prolink Vice President of Clinical Solutions.

Mary Hamilton, Vice President of Clinical Solutions

How would you describe the energy of the event?
A strong collaboration of staffing industry experts seeking to leverage technology and people to be more complementary. The connection of technology and people was really the focus. In that sense, there was a strong opportunity and desire to empower our recruitment workforce. We are all putting our energy toward supporting our recruiters in the market.

Which one of the speakers inspired you, and why?
Thursday's keynote speaker, LeaderLogic CEO Nick Webb, brought forth transformational leadership in a time where we need to drive sustainable growth within the marketplace. He talked about the impact of the human experience at work and connecting behavioral interviews to identify great candidates for the staffing space.

What is one thing you learned?
Sustainable growth in a chaotic market is most often achieved by meeting clients where they are and providing customized solutions. To that end, diversifying service offerings is crucial.

What's one message you hope the audience took away from your panel?
My hope would be that the audience walked away with a greater understanding of how the allied workforce will positively impact healthare systems' ability to navigate new staffing models and adapt to the critical nursing workforce shortage.

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