Get to Know Erin, Prolink Talent Acquisition Specialist
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Get to Know Erin, Prolink Talent Acquisition Specialist

November 12, 2019


Before coming to Prolink, you were doing field work on political campaigns. What prompted the change of industry? How did that experience prepare you for internal recruiting?

I absolutely loved the work I did on campaigns! I came to Prolink because as much as I loved the work I was doing, I was unable to grow professionally or financially in the way I wanted. Every November I was left without a job and had to start over again. When I was on campaigns I was still recruiting, just in a different way. I recruited volunteers to build a campaign infrastructure that helped us get out the vote on Election Day. With Prolink, I get to help build an organization and watch the impact I am making on an organization and I love that.


You have an adorable 10-month-old son Teddy... tell us about him!

Yes! Teddy has completely changed my life. He is the happiest little boy and he loves to eat… the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. His first (and pretty much only word so far) was banana.



We hear you’ve been mastering your golf game since the age of 1… when are we going to see you in an LPGA tournament?

No time soon, I only get out on the course a couple of times a year now, but I am so excited to get to teach my son how to play one day! My grandfather taught me how to play - I used to stay with him in the summer so we could spend the whole day on the course. One of my sweetest memories so far is taking Teddy to play golf with my grandfather. Maybe he can live out the professional dream. I have a few friends that play professionally now so it’s pretty cool to get to watch them on tv!



What would people be surprised to learn about you?

Even though I played golf my whole life, my mom never liked it so she made me take dance class for 15 years. So, I have 15 years of tap-dancing skills—but don’t ask me to show you.


You spent a semester abroad in Venice. What was the most interesting part of your trip? What was the biggest culture shock you experience?

I am not quite sure why I chose to study abroad in Italy because I took four years of French in high school and then four more semesters of it in college. So the language barrier was definitely a huge shock! I lived in a house on the Grand Canal so sometimes it kind of felt like living in Disney World as people went by my bedroom window in gondolas.



Brownies, cookies, cake. Rank them and explain your reasoning.

In what may be a surprising choice to many who know me at Prolink: cookies, brownies, then cake. Despite my known love of cake, I don’t really like icing that much. And chocolate chip cookies are the most important invention in history, in my opinion.


If you could live in any city in the world, which would it be? Why? (P.S. in this scenario, your superpower is that you can learn any language instantly, so language is not a barrier).

So, in a completely unpredictable choice, Washington DC. I’ve lived there twice and loved it. I’m a huge American history and politics nerd (Teddy is named after my favorite president) so what better place could you choose?



What was the dumbest thing you did when you were a kid?

When I was about four, I had a friend who had glasses and I was really jealous. I decided that I needed to trick my parents into thinking that I needed them too, so I started blinking constantly. Many doctor appointments later they realized there was nothing wrong with my vision and it’s perfect to this day. They’ve never let me live it down.


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