Why Work with an Allied Travel Health Recruiter

Why Work with an Allied Travel Health Recruiter

October 25, 2022

Allied health is considered one of the best careers to enter when you want to work in healthcare but don’t want to endure the years of schooling it takes to become a physician or nurse. Many allied careers don’t require certification or licensure, though entry requirements differ from state to state. Finding a job in allied health isn’t so easy, however, which is why it pays to work with a travel health recruiter. 

Instead of knocking on doors, sending out resumes, and hoping for the best, a travel recruiter can pair you with the ideal job relatively quickly. When you have a dedicated professional with experience guiding you along the way, you are almost guaranteed to find the perfect job that matches your skills and career ambitions. 

Still not convinced? Here are several reasons why working with a travel recruiter is the best move you can make when you are prepared to traverse around the country doing what you do best.

Removes State-to-State Red Tape Obstacles

If you were looking for an allied health job in your own state, you might be familiar with that state’s certification and licensure requirements. Things get tricky when you’re contemplating a move from one state to the other. And if you happen to be looking for jobs in multiple states, you have a handful of requirements that differ the moment you pass from one border to the next. Who can keep up with it all? A travel recruiter can, and so we come to one of the best reasons to work with one. An allied travel recruiter can help you navigate obstacles to finding a job. That way, you won’t get hung up on any red tape as you continue searching for the ideal allied health position.

The travel recruiter’s role is to remain cognizant of employment requirements from state to state. For example, in Delaware, a licensed professional counselor of mental health requires a Master’s degree or higher and 48 semester hours while in Washington DC requires a Master’s and 60 semester hours. You could certainly look that information up on your own but recognizing each state’s requirements can be time-consuming, and you want a job now, not later!

Since these requirements occasionally change, by working with a professional recruiter, you’ll be notified of policy updates as they occur. This prepares you for a job search in multiple states without having to fill your head with requirements that may not serve you in the long run.

Gives Valuable Interview Advice

Few things are more nerve-wracking than sitting through a job interview. The spotlight is placed on you and questions will be lobbed at you about your skills, experience, and allied career goals. What if you flub the answers? Wouldn’t it be great if you had a coach who could help you nail any interview you’re presented with? That’s what an allied travel recruiter can do for you.

A travel recruiter with experience can give you tips on how to answer various job interview questions with confidence. These include those related to your skills and experience, but also the goals you wish to achieve with the job being offered. More than that, a recruiter can give you advice on which questions to ask of the interviewee. These include queries on the start and end dates if the position is temporary, the schedule you will be asked to work, the pay package being offered, and other information like the parking situation, what to expect for orientation, and details on the other members of your allied health team.

Sometimes it helps to have a travel recruiter in your corner who can help you put your best foot forward the moment you arrive at the interview location (or activate the Zoom call for a remote interview). Tips a recruiter might provide include smiling, standing up straight, talking in a natural tone of voice, and how to relax instead of letting your nerves get the better of you. 

Places You in Your Dream Healthcare Job

When searching for a job on your own, you might send your resume to twelve different places, hoping at least one hiring manager will give you a chance. What are the odds that the location that hires you will be the perfect fit? Let’s face it: it’s a crap shoot. You’re rolling the dice and hoping for the best. 

When you work with an allied travel recruiter, that professional gets to know you and your career goals. The hunt is then on for a medical facility that meshes with your personality, and a position that aligns with your skills and goals. When the recruiter calls you up and notifies you of an opening, you can bet that position will fit you like a comfortable pair of fashionable scrubs. 

Travel recruiters have relationships with hiring managers around the country. This allows them to be notified of jobs before the public becomes aware. With first dibs on top positions nationwide, you are more likely to find an allied health role that suits your experience, furthers your career, and is located in a state where you wish to spend a good majority of your time. 

Deciphers Pay Package Details

If by chance you do happen to land an allied travel job on your own, you might find yourself confused about the pay package being offered. What does it mean to receive an hourly wage, housing stipend, and reimbursements? And what about tax benefits? Do you truly want to wing this aspect of your career when you stand the chance of being shorted due to your own naivety? 

A good travel recruiter can help you learn and translate the details of any pay packages you’re offered. Recruiters worthy of their role have experience in this realm. They know the difference between good pay and bad. They can also help you make the best of your situation, such as using your housing stipend to find the most cost-effective lodgings. This way, you know you’re getting the best deal as you focus on what matters most – providing exemplary care. 

Provides Answers to Important Questions 

There almost always comes a time during a job search, or even after landing a job, when you have questions. Conduct a job search all on your own and you might not have anyone to turn to who can provide answers. You can always ask your coworkers or your higher-ups for help. But a travel recruiter can give you answers to your most important questions anytime you need, via phone or email. 

This is important on your first day, when you may not know what to wear, or which door to arrive at. You recently traveled to a new state and housed yourself in new lodgings. You’re bound to have a million questions on your first day, and throughout your first week. A travel recruiter is like having an angel on your shoulder, providing you with much-needed guidance to help you navigate the nuances of your recently secured job as the new kid on the block. 

Provides Support When Needed

Other than answering any questions that may arise, a travel recruiter can be a trusted resource when you feel isolated and alone. These feelings are bound to bubble to the surface whenever you find yourself in an unfamiliar setting, far away from your family and friends. Sometimes it helps to have someone to talk to when you finish your first day on the job with no one else to communicate with. The travel recruiter can also help sort out issues as they come up, such as those having to do with housing or your contract. Being able to send out an email or ring up your recruiter can often give you the confidence you need to thrive in your new, challenging environment. 

Makes it Easy to Shape Your Career 

When job hunting solo, you are going to be faced with a wide range of job offers. Some facilities may want your specialty for a short-term assignment while others offer direct-to-hire. Instead of taking a chance that one of these hiring managers will say yes, a travel recruiter can help you plan out your career like a road trip to greatness. 

Imagine telling your recruiter that you want to find a series of short-term assignments as you travel from state to state. Doing so would allow you to make a difference while earning great money and seeing more of the countryside. Then, in a few years, you want to find a more permanent position once you have tried a few states and found one that is perfect for you. A travel recruiter can accommodate this sort of request by keeping an eye out for short-term, per-diem, long-term, and temp-to-hire jobs as they come available. You won’t have to peruse job boards in multiple states to map out your career. Your travel recruiter can do that for you while you focus on being the best allied professional possible. 

Where Can You Find a Trusted Allied Health Recruiter?

Now that you know some of the advantages of working with a travel recruiter, you may wonder how to find one that is experienced, and that you can entrust with your career. Signing up with an award-winning allied health temp agency is one smart avenue to pursue.

Prolink has relationships with medical facilities nationwide. We pair you with a dedicated recruiter who can do all of the above for you and more. Need help finding a suitable job? Want answers to your most important questions? One of our recruiters can help you land the ideal position in the location you prefer, and provide much-needed assistance before and after landing the role.

Get started by searching for allied health jobs using our exclusive database. Then apply to work with Prolink using our easy online application process.

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