Top Scrubs for Healthcare Workers
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Top Scrubs for Healthcare Workers

May 31, 2024

Updated May 31, 2024

When dressing for work in the healthcare field, you want your scrubs to be functional, comfortable, and as stylish as you can get while wearing PPE. With all the options you have to choose from when buying scrubs, you may not know which brands or scrub types to buy.

There are V-necks scrubs, polyester scrubs, even scrubs made of moisture-wicking materials. If all the options have your head spinning, we can help you choose which scrubs to buy for your upcoming shifts with this short guide to the top scrubs in healthcare.

Best Scrubs for Women 

One of the best options for women is Wonderwink. Their scrubs are made from breathable materials that are low-maintenance. They don't require any ironing, have no itchy tags, and offer moisture resistance to keep you comfortable throughout the whole day. You can expect to pay anywhere from $20 to $40 each for a top and pants.

You can’t go wrong with Grey’s Anatomy spandex stretch scrubs, which are wrinkle-free designed for looking stylish while you’re hard at work. You can pick these up for around $35 each for the top and pants.

Then there is the Smitten Women’s Brand of polyester scrubs that are marketed as fun and trendy. Slip these on and you’ll know they were made with comfort in mind. The top and pants also cost around $30 to $35 each.

Another option you have are the scrubs from Infinity by Cherokee. These scrubs contain antimicrobial properties to protect you against fungi, bacteria, and other hazards. You can choose jogger-style pants as well as split round-neck tops. 

Because the brand focuses on body inclusivity, it offers scrubs in a variety of sizes and styles. You can expect to pay an average of $37 each for the top and pants.

Scrubs for Men 

Cherokee Workwear Professionals scrubs top the list in the men’s department. These cool and comfortable all-day wear scrubs are made of polyester, cotton, and spandex. They come in 16 different colors and five additional pockets to hold all your gear. These scrubs average around $25 each for the top and pants.

Men also look stylish in Figs Chisec scrubs, which are made of polyester, rayon, and spandex. There are ten pockets (3 on top and 7 on the pants) and four different color variations. While the fit can’t be beat, these scrubs tend to be pricey with the top going for around $45 and the pants around $55.

Another option is Dickies scrubs. These come in traditional styles along with newer trends, including dynamic scrubs that are inspired by athletes but made to suit the medical profession. 

Dickies scrubs are crafted from spandex and polyester, offering flexibility, durability, and moisture-wicking properties. They average about $30 for the top or pants. 


Nurses need durable scrubs that are comfortable and long-lasting. That is why both men and women turn to Carhartt scrubs. These cotton and polyester blend scrubs are incredibly durable and are built to last a long time. You can pick up the top and pants for around $30 each.

KOI Basics Becca V-Neck scrubs with cargo scrub pants come with a hidden pocket for cell phones (don’t let your charge nurse see it). Not only are these scrubs flattering, but they are strong and stretchy for ultimate comfort. The top and pants each cost around $20 to $30.

If you are looking for nursing scrubs that are unique, you can’t go wrong with the JAANUU brand of performance scrubs. Made of rayon, nylon, and spandex, you’ll marvel at how soft the material feels against your skin. These popular scrubs cost around $50 for the complete top and bottom scrubs set

For nurses, one of the best options is The Set by Figs. These scrubs are crafted from rayon, polyester, and spandex, allowing you to wash them without fear that they will lose their shape. They come in a slim fit but are comfortable enough to wear the whole day. 

The fabric is breathable and lightweight, and the scrubs feature many pockets. What’s even better is that they feature antimicrobial properties. Price-wise, they’re a bit on the high side, with the complete set coming in at $86.

Travel Nurses

The Cherokee Infinity line of tops the list of popular scrubs for travel nurses. Cherokee has been making medical uniforms since 1972, and the brand has become known for making strong, comfortable, and stylish healthcare PPE. Made for both genders, the entire set of Infinity scrubs can be found at around $40. That’s quite a deal!

WonderWink Four-Stretch line of scrubs is also ideal for travel nursing. Made of 100% polyester, these everyday wear scrubs are light, durable, and easy to care for. The scrubs are resistant to shrinking, fading, and stains. They are also wrinkle-free and quick to dry, everything you could want in a scrub designed for hard work wherever your job may take you. The pants and tops can be found for around $27, which is an awesome steal. Pick up a few and pack them away for your next travel nursing gig!

Uniform Advantage scrubs are made for men and women and are designed to be wrinkle-free with two-way stretch. Considered low-maintenance for easy travel, these scrubs run around $20 each for the top and pants

For travel nurses, Healing Hands scrubs are another popular choice. The brand offers lots of styles for both men and women, allowing you to mix and match. One of the best things about this brand is that many of its scrubs are made with recycled plastic, and they all offer moisture-wicking capabilities. For a set, prices begin at $60.

Putting Your Scrubs to Work

The scrubs you wear can make a difference in your daily mobility and comfort levels. That’s why choosing the right ones is so important.

Whether you want scrubs that are form-fitting, shrink-resistant, stylish, or wrinkle-free, you have your choice of brands that offer those very things, like Cherokee, Grey’s Anatomy, Uniform Advantage, Dickies, and several others. These scrubs are ideal for all healthcare jobs and will have you looking and feeling your best during every shift. 

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