Talent Tuesday: A Conversation With 1:1 Nurse Delia

Talent Tuesday: A Conversation With 1:1 Nurse Delia

November 29, 2022

“Talent Tuesday: A Conversation With…” is a new series to highlight our talent in a variety of positions. By featuring different career paths, our goal is to showcase how Prolink talent have been impacted by exploring a professional detour or starting a new journey altogether. Discover what our talent enjoy about their positions, what has led them there, and whether you might want to follow in their footsteps.

In this inaugural Conversation, we spoke with Delia, who has been in healthcare for nine years, working primarily as a bedside nurse in skilled facility environments. In need of a change, Delia transitioned to 1:1 nursing eight months ago. Learn more about why she made this shift and how it’s going.

What is a typical day for you?

First, I get the student off the bus and, once they are situated, we go to their class. Throughout the day, I give the student their medication as scheduled, along with anything else they may need. Usually, I help them with their schoolwork, which is typically modified for that student. I also help them with related arts, like gym, art, music class, or the library. At the end of the day, I help them get back on the bus.

Why did you make the change from bedside nursing to 1:1 nursing?

I transitioned to 1:1 nursing because I wanted a change of pace from working in skilled facilities. I also wanted experience with pediatrics. 

Tell us about a time when you felt like you made a difference in a student’s day.

There are times when my student may struggle with certain subjects. But, when they do finally understand it, it’s so satisfying that I’m able to contribute to helping that child learn the material. 

Have you become involved with any school events or initiatives?

Yes! I am a part of what the school calls “The Sunshine Group.” We plan school events, fun days, or even fun meals for the teachers to enjoy. They say we bring sunshine to the school.

What perks do you have as a 1:1 nurse that are different from being a bedside nurse?

The biggest difference is the environment. The work pace is totally different. You’re still busy, but it’s not as stressful. Because you’re not hustling from one patient to the next, you are able to see your client as an individual and not just a patient. Also, no scrubs and I’m off every weekend! Those are the biggest differences.

What do you love most about 1:1 nursing?

What I love most about 1:1 nursing is that I get to watch my client grow as an individual. I get to see their personality and help them to live their day-to-day life — that’s what I love the most.

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