Travel Nurse Pay & Benefits

In-Demand Travel Nurses Earn Higher Salaries and Attractive Benefit Packages

How Much Can a Travel Nurse Earn While on Assignment?

How Much Can a Travel Nurse Earn While on Assignment?

Travel nurses are needed all around the country. Because of this demand, travel nurses typically enjoy higher pay and attractive benefits when compared to bedside RNs. There are several factors that can affect your paycheck as a traveling nurse. Your specialty, location, and the benefits most important to you will determine how much money goes into your pocket each week. To optimize your salary and the job perks you receive, it pays to be in the know. When you partner with Prolink, your recruiter provides clear guidance on the best job opportunities available with all the details you need, including salary, benefits, and any bonuses offered.

Different jobs will offer different amounts, and your pay may vary from state to state. Tell us what is most important to you and we’ll help you maximize your earnings as a travel nurse.

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Unique Benefits of Partnering with Prolink

Insurance Plans

Our travel nurses are eligible for the comprehensive medical, dental, and vision plans available to our internal staff, and include spouse/dependent coverage if preferred. Your medical coverage begins the very first day of your assignment. Prolink also offers life insurance and short- and long-term disability to our travel nurses and their families.

Perks and Discounts

We invest in you by reimbursing for continuing education credits, in addition to required and optional specialty certifications. Earn generous extension bonuses, even by moving to another facility. Our referral bonuses have no cap, so you can earn unlimited extra income by helping your nursing friends and colleagues find their own amazing opportunities at Prolink!

401k Plan

Enroll and contribute to your 401k retirement plan, starting on Day One. Matching begins after you have worked for one year and have been staffed for 1,000 hours.

Which Travel Nurse Assignments Pay the Best?

Which Travel Nurse Assignments Pay the Best?

The first step to earning what you want as a travel nurse is to communicate with your Prolink recruiter. Tell your recruiter about the pay and benefits you expect, and get tailored job results that fit your goals. Besides pay, you'll want to consider the cost of living in the area you are considering, as well as other aspects of the experience. Your recruiter can help match you with the job that balances excellent pay with your other preferences, so you can maximize your earnings with every assignment.