15 Work-from-Home Healthcare Jobs
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15 Work-from-Home Healthcare Jobs

July 19, 2021

Shutdowns caused by COVID-19 forced many workers to conduct business from home. Healthcare workers were not immune. Today, many jobs that previously required an office commute can be performed from the comfort of home… anywhere (as long as you have a stable internet connection). That includes healthcare jobs. If you’ve recently polished up your resume, here are a few positions to aim for during your employment search. Good luck! Your ideal work-from-home position could be a resume submission away.

At-Home Healthcare Jobs – No Commute Required 

Nurse Case Manager 

As a nurse case manager (or case management nurse), you would play an important role in supporting primary care providers. By working from home, you provide many benefits to patients, including boosting efficiency, reducing overall medical costs, and cutting unnecessary spending. You also succeed in improving the health outcomes of every patient you treat. Your responsibilities would include assessing new patients, updating health care plans as needed, and educating patients and their families about their health improvement options. 

To qualify for the role of case manager nurse, you would need to attain your RN license and possess at least five years of nursing experience. The average annual salary for a case manager nurse is $72,017, with greater salaries available for more experience.

Clinical Compliance Medical Director 

A clinical compliance medical director (or healthcare compliance director) is responsible for designing and implementing healthcare programs, policies, and practices. You might find yourself checking for HIPAA compliance as well as adherence to all federal, state, and local regulations. 

To qualify as a clinical director, you would need a medical degree and board certification in occupational health, family medicine, or emergency care. A license and certification to practice medicine is also required in most cases. Many organizations want you to also have at least ten years of experience in clinical medicine under your belt, as well as five or more years’ experience in hospital administration. The average annual salary for the role of clinical director is $97,551.

Outreach Specialist 

A healthcare outreach specialist or community engagement and outreach specialist works with community members to promote health and wellness. Your responsibilities would include identifying the needs of the community and developing wellness programs while tracking progress every step of the way. You may find yourself designing the organization’s Facebook page or providing case management to clients like children, couples, and families. This outreach specialist role is expected to grow by 13% through 2028, which is much faster than many other industries. To qualify as an outreach specialist, you would need a bachelor’s degree in community health, public health, health education, or a related field. Outreach specialists earn up to $67,161 on average per year. 

QI Specialist 

A QI (Quality Improvement) specialist focuses on helping medical facilities improve their level of care. The primary responsibility is quality control through patient safety evaluations. Based on the data you glean, you would then devise methodologies for improving safety and patient satisfaction. To qualify as a QI specialist, you need a master’s degree in nursing, healthcare administration, public health, or similar area of study. QI specialists earn an average annual salary of $58,470 to $76,945.

Clinical Operations Advisor

A clinical operations advisor (or clinical operations manager) oversees and directs the activities of medical and healthcare facilities. You may find yourself developing staff goals, developing work schedules, and maintaining records of the facility’s services. Your responsibilities would also include proposing and maintaining a budget to ensure efficiency. To qualify as a clinical operations advisor, you would need a bachelor’s or master’s degree in nursing, health administration, business administration, or similar field. This role tends to pay an average salary of $88,003.

As you can see, you don’t need to drive to a healthcare facility to earn a living in the medical field. You can attain a high-status role and work from anywhere, as long as you have access to the internet and the necessary qualifications and experience. Want to start applying for one of these jobs right now? Apply with Prolink. We have your back and can help you find fast placement during your job search. Call (866)777-3704 to learn more.

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