Relias Assessment Portal Launches December 8 (12/8)

On December 8th, Prolink will be migrating to a new clinical compliance system, from Prophecy to a new and improved Relias assessment portal. Relias, just like Prophecy, provides assessments that help improve hiring and onboarding, understand clinical competency, and identify the right clinicians for the right roles. During this migration you experience a downtime period and will be unable access the website or complete assessments in Prophecy or Relias from December 8th at 11:59PM EST to December 9th at 11:59PM EST.

Before we get into the details, you need to know three important things:

  1. The site will be blacked out 12/8 11:59PM EST to 12/9 11:59PM EST
  2. You will need to complete your assessments BEFORE the 12/8 8:00PM EST
  3. Beginning 12/10 you will login to the new site using your same username and "Welcome1" as your password but will be prompted to change upon a successful login.

Below are a few notes to help improve your transition from one platform to the next:

  • Be sure to fully complete all assessments assigned before the migration by December 8th at 8:00PM EST.
    • Any assessment that is started, but not completed before the downtime period, will need to be retaken in the new platform after the migration is complete.
    • Assignments that are Pending (not started) will migrate over to Relias, but these will need to be completed before the due date as noted by your Prolink Compliance Specialist.
  • Beginning December 10th at 12:00AM EST all your assessments completed after 1/1/2017 will be transferred to the Relias platform, as well as your username for your login. However, your password will default to “Welcome1”. You will be prompted to change your password after your initial login.

What's New?

  • Relias will have an updated look, but a very similar and easy-to-navigate feel, like Prophecy
  • Relias will allow test-takers to take assessments on a mobile device using a mobile browser
  • Relias will be accessible for test-takers taking assessments outside the US
  • Relias will require a due date of 1 year from the date the assessment was assigned by Prolink
  • Skills Checklists in Prophecy will now be labeled as Self Assessments in Relias
  • Allied and Mandatory Assessments/Unit Exams in Prophecy are now labeled as Clinical Assessments

Relias Navigation

Completing Relias Exams

  1. Start by clicking the link in your email, inviting you to complete Relias exams.
    Relias Email Screenshot
  2. After you've updated your password, on your initial login, and the Relias platform has opened, click on the exam that you would like to start.
    Relias Assessment Screenshot
  3. Below the exam description, click "Begin Assessment."
    Relias Begin Assessment Screenshot