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Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions about local healthcare jobs, and we've got answers.
Read below to learn more, and your recruiter can assist with any other questions you may have!

Healthcare FAQ's

Your guide to frequently asked questions about local healthcare jobs.

Why choose a local healthcare job?

Getting a local job lets you stay close to home. You may have family nearby or you may be familiar with the healthcare facilities in the area. Or maybe you just don’t want to travel right now. When you partner with Prolink, you’re in charge of your own career. Search local, stay close, and build the life you want.

What about specialties?

We have a large variety of local healthcare jobs in various specialties. Find jobs in respiratory, surgical, laboratory, therapy, and pharmacy settings. Do you have multiple specialties? Let your recruiter know so we can provide job searches customized for you.

How can I find local jobs near me?

Prolink gives you access to local contracts located across the country. Search on our website or contact your dedicated recruiter, who will help you find the perfect local job.

Do local jobs come with benefits?

Yes! When you book a local assignment with Prolink, we handle all the heavy lifting so you can focus on your career. Benefits included with local contracts include exclusive access to job opportunities, competitive pay, a helpful team to offer you full-time support, credentialing experts, health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, paid sick time, and generous 401k matching.

How often will I be paid?

We pay on a weekly basis and are committed to an easy, on-time payment process.

Do I need certifications and licenses to start working?

You need to be licensed in your state before you begin working locally. You may have access to temporary permits that some states offer. Most temporary permits can be obtained in a few days. Other states have lengthier licensure processes. Our team includes a licensure specialist who can help you during this process to ensure you are fully compliant and ready to work!

Am I under obligation after partnering with Prolink?

No! Choosing an agency to represent you is a major decision. We are here to support you during your job search and during your assignments, but you are not obligated until you sign a local contract, and your obligation ends once the assignment ends.

What happens after I accept an assignment?

After accepting a job, the next step is onboarding. Our compliance team will assist you with every step. You’ll receive an agreement that includes your start and end dates and compensation details of the contract. Next comes the approval process, whereby we will confirm your accepted offer with the client.

From that point forward, you will work with your Prolink team to submit all required paperwork. You’ll also receive your first-day instructions and be provided with the facility's orientation, as needed. 

Once an assignment has been started, your recruiter will keep in touch with you regularly. You can also contact your recruiter anytime you have questions or need help.

How do I get started finding local jobs near me?

Register with Prolink and start searching for local jobs in your area. Your ideal job is right around the corner!

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How Do I Get Started Finding Local Jobs Near Me?

Register with Prolink and start searching for local jobs in your area. Whether you want direct placement, per diem, allied health, or a specialty job, your ideal job might be right around the corner.