Travel Nurse Housing

Housing stipends are one of the many unique perks of travel nursing.

Non-taxable Income

Non-taxable Income

Housing stipends are often provided for travel nurses who work more than 50 miles from their home. This stipend is untaxed income and represents a significant benefit to travel nurses, who may choose housing at a lower cost. Prolink offers stipends rather than agency-booked housing to maximize our nurses' pay and minimize their tax burden. Check out our tips and resources below to help you find the perfect housing fit!

Flexible Housing Options

Flexible Housing Options

As you travel the country through travel nursing assignments, you have the incredible opportunity to explore all the options. Bring your family and pets, and choose a place that meets everyone's needs. Travel solo and choose a simple apartment surrounded by a bustling nightlife, or pick a place away from it all, with a picturesque view. Stick with the settings you love or try them all—the decision is yours, and adventure awaits!

Housing Tips

Housing Tips

Our recruiters recommend staying at an extended-stay hotel initially, so you can get to know the area before committing to housing. Talk with co-workers at your facility and check out different neighborhoods when you're off work, so you can get a sense of what kind of lifestyle you can enjoy. Preferences regarding walkability, noise levels, and local amenities are highly subjective, so make sure you determine what your priorities are and thoroughly investigate before you commit!

We also recommend looking for refundable housing options whenever possible, since requirements within the healthcare industry can change quickly. Some of the resources we list specifically cater to travel nurses, and many of those providers will understand the unique needs in your field.

Housing Resources

The websites listed below can help you book your housing—some of them even specifically cater to travel nurses. Make sure you take note of the terms before committing, and keep flexibility in mind as you plan your next adventure!

Furnished Finder

Stay Alfred



Pro-Tip for Travel Nurses

Housing is an important part of the travel nurse experience. Consider extended-stay hotels initially - this way, you can get to know the area and decide where you really want to live for the duration of your assignment.