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Hire & Onboard Top Travel Nurses at Scale

Prolink is a travel nurse staffing agency that helps your organization fill openings quickly with the right person the first time, increasing retention and saving you money.

We will collaborate with your medical facility to understand both your travel nurse recruitment needs and your organization, from your mission statement and current objectives to the future goals and nuances of your company culture.

As we understand your organization more fully, we can provide you with the right pre-trained and reliable healthcare staff quickly and efficiently, whenever you have the need.

Discover the better way to manage your travel nursing workforce

Access to Top Travel Nurse Applicants

Nurses are considered the backbone of the healthcare system, and travel nurses help to fill key employment positions in medical organizations when local talent has been exhausted. As a client of Prolink, you will have access to our pool of highly qualified and skilled travel nursing talent.

Prolink will recruit, interview, and onboard all talent, according to your facility’s preference. We will also ensure compliance with all licensure requirements. 

We handle all of the contract details, including compensation, insurance, benefits, sick leave, referral bonuses, and other perks, so that our talent are ready to go when you have need.

As your staffing agency, you can feel confident that our travel nurses understand the duties of the job and will be the right fit for your organization.

Travel Nurse Agency with Proven Reliability

We have travel nurse applicants from all across the country, including tenured veterans. We can help you fill key positions for a variety of specialty fields, such as RNs and LVNs, oncology nurses, emergency nurses, and other critical staff.

Our talent are ready for any length of assignment and can work in hospitals, clinics, labs, and other medical environments. These professionals deliver excellent patient care and through their dedication, help make your medical facility stronger and add to the morale of your permanent workforce.

Prolink will interview every applicant we deliver to your medical facility, if that is your desire. Because we take the time to know our travel nursing applicants and understand their professional goals, we will provide you with travel nurses that meet your needs while advancing their career goals, education, experience.

Save Time and Money with Seamless Onboarding

Our internal compliance team and clinical screening allow your travel nurses to start working quickly, without a cumbersome onboarding process.

When you are able to anticipate and rapidly fill employment gaps with quality travel nursing staff, your organization can focus more on exceptional patient care and organizational performance.

Partner with Us to Reduce Travel Nurse Staffing Complications

The current demand for nurses is fiercely competitive, so we make sure to attract the best candidates for our clients. When you have employment openings, you want to know that the applicants you receive are qualified and the best fit for your medical facility. Prolink matches you with travel nurses that remain committed to superior patient care and your organization’s success.

Get started by partnering with Prolink today. Call to meet with a dedicated travel nurse recruiter to ensure that you always have the right professionals you need on staff.

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