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Start your pharmacy career by partnering with Prolink!

Start traveling as a pharmacist or pharmacy tech. As an allied health professional and partner of Prolink, you’ll have the opportunity to visit new locales while providing health support and life-saving medications to patients nationwide. Start searching for your ideal career in the pharmacy industry by applying today.

Open Positions
for Travel Pharmacists
and Pharmacy Technicians

We have established relationships with hiring managers at medical facilities around the country. Not only can we give you access to job listings for travel pharmacy jobs when they become available, but your resume will have first-in-line priority on the hiring manager’s desk. Start your job search today by applying with us.

What’s It Like Working with Prolink as a Travel Pharmacy Professional?

Becoming our partner lets you search through travel pharmacy job listings according to location, profession, and specialty. We also pair you with a dedicated job recruiter who will learn about your pharmacy career goals. Whenever a job appears that aligns with your desired salary, benefits, and other requirements, your recruiter will notify you. This gives you a leg-up on your job search, increasing your chances of finding a top-tier job in the city and state of your choice.

How to Find High Paying Travel Pharmacy Job

Travel pharmacy professional salaries vary depending on the length of the assignment and the facility. You can also inform your recruiter about any salary requirements that you might have. Your recruiter can help you narrow your search according to specific parameters, such as getting paid a certain amount every week or month. 

In addition to generous pay, Prolink pharmacists also enjoy personalized access to our collective team. We can help with licensure, accreditation, housing stipends (when applicable), and advice for taking your pharmacy career on the road. We’ve thought of everything, so you don’t have to. Get started today and find your ideal travel pharmacy job by partnering with Prolink. We make job searching easy.