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The Prolink Hawaii branch is located on Richards St, off of Ala Moana Blvd, directly from the Nimitz HWY. It is located in the Downtown Honolulu Business district.

Prolink is a premier workforce solutions organization, fulfilling comprehensive staffing, technology, culture, data, and talent experience needs throughout the U.S. Prolink connects work and workers in meaningful ways across multiple industries and skillsets.

Founded in 2011, Prolink is built upon a foundation of trusted relationships with our clients, talent, and internal team; together, this is the Prolink Family. Our purpose is to bring your legacy to life, and we promise to be your solution to get there.

Today, Prolink is a permanent virtual-first organization — empowering our employees to succeed while providing them with a thriving and supportive culture.

Staffing and Recruiting

Healthcare Staffing

Connect with skilled and experienced medical staffing professionals who can hit the ground running. Our Honolulu staffing agency can help you fill labor shortages and satisfy increased demand for nurses, respiratory therapists, lab techs, and an assortment of other healthcare specialists at scale. By getting to know your business and how it operates, we can help you fill job opportunities in record time whenever you have the need.

Whether you need two, ten, twenty or hundreds of medical professionals, we can provide you with fully qualified and high-quality healthcare staff. This allows you to fill a variety of roles quickly. Our healthcare staffing agency offers customized solutions to manage resume reviews, interviews, and onboarding, all according to your needs. Partnering with Prolink lets you focus on the success of your medical facility for superior patient outcomes.

Travel Nurse Staffing

Prolink gives your organization access to skilled and experienced travel nurses precisely when you need them and at any scale. Whether you need two, ten, twenty or hundreds of travel nurses, we can provide you with fully qualified clinicians who are ready to work on day one. We understand that your patients depend on your organization to provide quality care. Our travel nurse staffing agency can help fill positions amid the most critical nursing shortages. You can count on each professional we provide to be adaptable, passionate about caring, and highly skilled in the specialties your organization requires.

When you collaborate with Prolink, we work to understand your business needs and complexities. We then provide you with the right board-certified and registered nurses who are expertly screened and interviewed, making them the perfect match for your medical team. From allied health professionals to ICU and critical care nurses, from therapy nurses to home health and long-term care nurses, we can fill your medical facility staffing needs on-demand. Whatever your skillset needs, our national travel healthcare agency can meet your workforce challenges with precision.

IT Staffing

Prolink Technology is your trusted source for staffing solutions that help you keep pace with innovation and interconnectedness. We help fill your staffing challenges with smart, forward-thinking technology professionals at scale. We understand the vital role technology plays in the success of your business. Whether your organization is undergoing a digital transformation or leading the way with machine learning in your industry, having the best and brightest IT professionals on your team is vital.

The demand for top talent is growing by the day. And finding top talent is a constantly evolving challenge. As your strategic Honolulu IT staffing partner, Prolink Technology gives you access to dynamic workforce solutions to help your business grow and compete in the most demanding markets.

Whenever you have the need, we offer direct-hire, contract-to-hire, and contract staffing services in the specialties you need. All Prolink IT professionals are vetted, interviewed and thoroughly screened, letting you focus on your core business operations. From data management and IT instructors to application development experts and professionals with functional skills, we have the talent you need on-demand. Collaborate with us and fulfill your staffing needs with the skills and experience needed to quickly impact your team’s productivity.

Skilled Labor and Resource Jobs

Skilled Labor and Resource Staffing

Prolink offers skilled trade workforce solutions designed to adapt and grow your unique business. We staff a wide range of skilled trades professionals and can fill every position you have at scale. We thrive on tackling the most demanding hiring challenges with precision agility and in the most competitive operating environments.

Change is constant in this labor market, and so is your need for skilled, reliable and qualified professionals you can count on. With labor shortages at all-time highs, you need a strategic hiring partner with a deep pool of skilled trade talent. Our professionals are vetted, interviewed, and screened, which means they are ready to hit the ground running on day one. We can staff professionals skilled in engineering, manufacturing, architecture, construction, professional services, energy, scientific, government, and more.

As a Honolulu skilled trade staffing agency, we strive to understand your organization and how it operates. That allows us to supply you with the perfect mix of technical skills and domain-specific knowledge that best suit your needs. As the top-ranking agency in staffing professional skilled tradespeople, you deserve to have Prolink in your corner.

Local Healthcare Jobs

Partner with Prolink in Honolulu to jumpstart your healthcare career. We offer exclusive access to top jobs in local nursing, travel nursing, local allied health, travel allied health, and a wide range of other healthcare specialties. As a top Honolulu healthcare staffing agency, we help you take charge of your career.

We place your resume in the hands of hiring managers at the best facilities throughout the country. We offer competitive pay and benefits. We can even help you renew your license or secure new certification in your desired specialty. We even give you first-in-line priority to new jobs whenever they become available.

Start your career today by partnering with Prolink, the leading Honolulu medical staffing agency. Our recruiters are standing by to offer support and guidance when you need it. Connect with one of our healthcare recruiters today and let them identify the perfect job to advance your healthcare career.

Travel Nursing Jobs

Make Prolink your Honolulu travel nurse contract agency to take your career to the next level. Imagine exploring the country while earning a highly competitive salary. When you partner with Prolink, you get a dedicated recruiter who can help you find the best travel nursing jobs to suit your career goals. We can help you obtain state licenses and provide access to thousands of travel nursing jobs nationwide. You can live and work in any state or design a travel plan that is as unique as you are. The opportunities are limitless when you work with a Honolulu travel nurse agency that has your best interests in mind.

When you become a Prolink nurse, you can tick off every item on your bucket list while earning the most competitive salary in the industry. You also get attractive perks like tax-free income, housing stipends, retirement benefits, and more. Our travel nurse staffing agency lets you focus on what you love most, or you can try it all. Whether you’re new to the nursing field or a seasoned traveler, we invite you to spread your wings to enjoy the freedom and rewards travel nursing delivers. Make Prolink your travel nurse destination.

IT Jobs

Make Prolink your Honolulu IT staffing agency to get access to the top technology jobs in the country. A career in information technology offers many opportunities to explore but finding the best fit with so many options can be challenging. At Prolink, we match your expertise with roles that suit your career goals from a technical and cultural perspective. We can also assist with honing your career strategy to carve out the path that lets you make the best impact while reaching your full potential.

When you choose Prolink, you get a dedicated recruiter who remains focused on your job satisfaction and career goals. Your recruiter looks beyond your expertise and qualifications to learn more about you and your professional aspirations. This helps you find the right job in the ideal location.

We have forged deep relationships with organizations throughout the United States. We are confident we can help you find an IT position that gives you the opportunity to sharpen your expertise and grow as a person. Start searching for IT jobs in your area or anywhere you want to go. Prolink Technology has you covered.

Skilled Labor Jobs

Prolink understands how to take your valuable skills further, and faster. When you choose to partner with Prolink as your Honolulu skilled trades staffing agency, you help you hone your specialized skills and use them to build a better world.

Partner with Prolink, and we’ll help you take the guesswork out of your next career move. We pair you with a seasoned recruiter who knows your industry's direction. Your recruiter can match you with exciting opportunities that align with your professional experience and career goals.

Since 2011, we have nurtured strong relationships with forward-moving companies in your market. We can help you find a position that is tailored to your specialization. You’ll gain access to exciting opportunities near you to always keep your career moving in an upward direction. Start exploring our extensive list of current job openings, submit your resume in 60 seconds or less, and be connected with a skilled trades recruiter immediately.