Building Your Team through Recognition, Inclusion, and More: Tips from the Annual OSHHRA Conference
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Building Your Team through Recognition, Inclusion, and More: Tips from the Annual OSHHRA Conference

September 10, 2018

As attendees of the OSHHRA Annual Conference, a few members of our team had the opportunity to hear from multiple speakers on topics such as staff engagement, company culture and performance management.   

We first heard from Dr. Katie Sprague, Psy. D., and Dr. Lisa White, PhD, who spoke on how to use emotional intelligence to create staff engagement by understanding where emotions are rooted and how to better manage them. She helped us to recognize that when we learn our employee’s beliefs and values, we can better understand the ‘why’ behind their actions, which will allow us to lead more effectively. 

Mario Rodriguez, MA, joined Dr. Sprague for the next session, in which they shared how to create a culture of authentic communication within an organization, and how this means of communication can help performance and growth, by building past surface level relationships with your colleagues. They homed in on the point that most people avoid confrontation, but by embracing conflict, we can raise and address problems and allows both parties to have real communication. 

We also learned that 68.5% of employees feel apathetic, unenthusiastic and not committed to their current employer. Gretchen Long, MBA, shared the key components of people-centric performance management, which are recognition, inclusion and frequent feedback. Organizations using recognition are 85%–100% more likely to see increased employee productivity and 2.5 times more likely to experience increased employee engagement. When focusing on inclusion and employee experience, organizations are three times more likely to see increased employee retention. Using these three components, we can communication effectively, make goals meaningful to employees and cultivate relationships within our organizations. 

We look forward to taking the information we learned from the conference and applying it within our own teams and the talent we place for our clients!  

If you’d like to learn more about how we help our clients build stronger teams, email us at 

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