Hawaii and Prolink: Supporting Better Care across the Islands
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Hawaii and Prolink: Supporting Better Care across the Islands

February 2, 2024

On January 11, healthcare leaders and policymakers from across Hawaii and beyond attended the 2024 Hawaii State of Reform Health Policy Conference. The event’s purpose was to foster dialogue around the unique challenges and opportunities faced by the state’s healthcare systems. Those in attendance shared a common goal of developing solutions to remove barriers and deliver increased quality of care to the Hawaiian population. 

Hawaii’s unique geography and culture among US states presents with it a similarly unique set of hurdles to overcome in the healthcare space. Few know this better than Governor Josh Green, a doctor himself, who spoke in his opening keynote about Hawaii’s talent retention efforts and the significant investment the state has made in healthcare infrastructure. Other attendees also addressed the relationship between health systems and state legislature: Hilton P. Raethel and Paige Cho, both of the Healthcare Association of Hawaii, offered additional insight into how government and industry leaders work together to improve working conditions and staff support throughout the care delivery model. 

Prolink has also invested in furthering its support efforts on the Islands—specifically with the launch of its Allied Reimbursement Program, which fully reimburses allied health clinicians for the cost of their Hawaii license. One of the biggest challenges faced by talent interested in working in Hawaii is the cost of licensure, and Prolink’s efforts will completely remove that barrier for allied healthcare workers. The program has already begun to attract interested talent, and a number of allied travelers are currently in the pipeline. 

Incentivizing allied talent addresses the need for a strong Hawaiian healthcare workforce in a variety of fields—not just doctors and nurses. Prolink’s Vice President of Clinical Solutions Mary Hamilton, who attended the conference as a panelist, hopes that Hawaiian decision-makers “understand the importance of looking at clinical workforce needs through the lens of multidisciplinary approach—allied, therapy, surgical technicians.” Through the Allied Reimbursement Program, Prolink aims to accomplish exactly that. 

If you are an allied health clinician interested in working in the state of Hawaii, reach out to a Prolink recruiter today to learn more about Prolink’s Hawaii Allied Reimbursement Program. 

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