Meet Payroll Specialist, Charles!
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Meet Payroll Specialist, Charles!

February 19, 2019

Tell us a story from when you were a kid. It can be funny, stupid, warm and fuzzy, whatever. Just make it a good one.

One funny story from when I was a kid was from when I was about 12 years old. I went on a trip to Brazil with an organization called Children’s International Summer Village for a month. It was like a camp where children from all over the world come together and live together for a period of time and get to know other cultures. Well, I became good friends with one of the boys from Brazil and another from France. We became the pranksters of the camp, and one night we got toilet paper, tooth paste, and trash bins and waited for everyone to fall asleep. Once we thought the coast was clear we got up and toilet papered the hallways, put toothpaste on all the door knobs and then filled up multiple trash bins with water and leaned them against the doors so when you open it, the water dumps into the room. Once everyone got up all the kids saw the mess and laughed, but our leaders of the camp weren’t too pleased. But we never got caught!


Charles Trip to Latin America


Which core value do you identify with most? Why? 

The core value I identify with the most is, “Keep calm and power on.” A lot of times in payroll, it can get very stressful and overwhelming when dealing with people’s pay and time. I think this core value is so relatable because it always reminds me to take a breath and just keep powering forward. In the end, something that seemed like such a big deal, ends up not being so. 

You have a twin sister who you’re very close with. Tell us what it’s like to be a twin? How has your relationship changed over the years? 

My twin sister Molly is 4 minutes older than me and doesn’t let me forget it! Our relationship has been very interesting over the years. We weren’t that close when we were kids, or when we were preteens. We didn’t start getting close until about our junior year of high school. Then we went to the same college and became very close. She is one of my best friends. I know I can go to her and she will always have my back and I think it's very cool to have a twin. We don’t get to see each other as much since she lives an hour and a half away, but I know I can call her at any time day or night, and she will always answer. 




Tell us about your love for volleyball. And how does statistics come into play (pun intended)? 

One of my favorite sports to play and watch is volleyball. I played in high school, ran statistics and coached for my college team as well. When you do statistics, you have to pay attention and know the ins and outs of volleyball because the team likes to see how many kills, digs, assists, etc. they get. It also influences any awards they get at the end of the season with the conference. I also ref volleyball for 7th grade through Junior Varsity.


Charles on Volleyball Court


You’ve spent a lot of time abroad and at young ages. Tell us what brought you to Brazil, Italy and Mexico. 

I have spent a lot of time abroad when I was younger. Part of being in CISV (Children’s International Summer Village) got me to travel and meet so many people from all over. I spent a month in Brasilia, Brazil when I was in 4th grade and two weeks in Bologna, Italy when I was in 7th grade. I also did a week trip with my high school Spanish Club to Mexico City, Taxco and Acapulco. Traveling around the world has truly been a privilege and has opened my eyes to many different cultures. I also got to go on a lot of cruises because of my mother’s job and have some of the best memories because of it.  

Share one highlight from each place. Something you’d never like to experience again? 

My favorite thing from Brazil was the story I told in question 1. My favorite memory from Italy was going to the gelato store down the road from the school we stayed at and getting gelato every day. My favorite memory from my Mexico trip was going to Señor Frogs and getting on stage with our whole group and singing karaoke the whole night. One thing I never want to experience again from my Mexico trip is having to miss my flight because my passport expired, and I didn’t check it before going to the airport. As for my Brazil and Italy trips there isn’t anything I wouldn’t want to experience again! 

Best concert you’ve ever been to, why? Worst concert, why?  

Best concert I’ve ever been to was the Chainsmokers. They really put on an amazing show. Worst concert I’ve ever been to was Chris Janson. I only knew one song and he didn’t even perform it.  

What band/artist do you love but would be hesitant to tell anyone because of the weird looks they might give you?  

Cardi B, ha ha. Her energy and her music get me hyped. 

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