ProLink Staffing is Now Prolink, Reflecting New Offerings and Growth
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ProLink Staffing is Now Prolink, Reflecting New Offerings and Growth

March 31, 2023

Updated brand assets reflect company’s renewed purpose, future aspirations

March 31, 2023 – Cincinnati – Prolink, a premier workforce solutions organization headquartered in Cincinnati, has refreshed its brand assets and revealed an expanded suite of service offerings. The updated brand is coupled with a renewed business purpose that better reflects Prolink’s evolution, current position in the market, and future aspirations.

“ProLink Staffing is now Prolink. We have expanded our solutions to fulfill comprehensive staffing, technology, data, and talent experience needs for our partners under a single identity,” said Prolink President and CEO Tony Munafo. “Our updated brand highlights the breadth of Prolink’s services and reaffirms our commitment to helping our clients, our talent, and our team work better together.”

Founded as a staffing organization in 2011 with explosive growth in the last few years, Prolink customizes workforce solutions that span industries and the talent experience spectrum. “We venture into partnerships with organizations that need to balance costs while delivering quality,” said Munafo. “They partner with us as the experts to come in and help them develop a workforce plan that doesn't ask them to compromise either.”

Prolink’s new brand includes:

  • Corporate name: ProLink Staffing is now Prolink.
  • Logo: The new runner is always in motion — onward and upward, as reflected by the arrows.
  • Visuals: The rebrand features an updated font and color palette.
  • Website: Visit

“Prolink is more than a staffing company and our brand refresh reflects our journey as well as our aspiration to be the preferred partner in workforce solutions,” said Vice President of Marketing Gina Bucalo. “As simple as it sounds, we believe deeply that we exist at the corner of significance and solutions, which propelled a new suite of programs for our talent and services for our clients. That’s why we also refined our mission and purpose statements and declare a bold brand promise: Prolink is your solution.”

Prolink’s new brand story includes:

  • Mission: To connect work and workers in meaningful ways where everyone can reach their potential and thrive.
  • Purpose: Our purpose is to bring your legacy to life.
  • Promise: Prolink is your solution.

Prolink remains a consultative partner for its clients — helping to solve existing problems like labor costs and retention issues and prevent new ones from arising, all while helping the workforce find the best job opportunities and experiences.

About Prolink
Prolink is a premier workforce solutions organization, fulfilling comprehensive staffing, technology, culture, data, and talent experience needs throughout the United States. We connect businesses with workers in meaningful ways across industries and skillsets. Founded in 2011, Prolink is built upon a foundation of trusted relationships across with our clients, talent, and internal team. Our purpose is to bring your legacy to life, and we promise to be your solution to get there. Prolink has developed processes, in-depth client analysis, and other proprietary workforce optimization solutions that have proven invaluable to clients and talent alike. Today, Prolink is a permanent virtual-first organization, empowering our employees to succeed while providing them with a thriving and supportive culture to do so. To connect with Prolink, visit

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