Reflecting on Our 2024 Nurses Month Celebration
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Reflecting on Our 2024 Nurses Month Celebration

May 14, 2024

On Wednesday, May 8, our 2024 Nurses Month Celebration took place at Prolink Headquarters in Cincinnati. A group consisting of our Clinical Team, executive team, and DAISY Honorees came together for a day of team building, workshops, and a nurse-led Traveler 101 panel. The panel provided us with the opportunity to learn what travelers need when preparing for and starting assignments. The event also allowed RNs both internal and external to Prolink a space to connect, feel celebrated, and discuss better ways to support nurses from a clinical perspective.

Prolink's internal team participates in a workshop during the morning session of the Nurses Month Celebration.

The Prolink team came together during the morning session for coffee and team building exercises.

Recapping the day

The morning began with the Prolink Clinical Team and executives in attendance. In the spirit of recognizing Prolink's internal RNs, the teams gathered for a roundtable and a team-building exercise.  

"As we celebrated Nurses Week, I was fortunate to spend time with our clinical leaders," said David Durbin, Prolink Chief Strategy Officer. "I said thank you, not only for what they do every day to support Prolink nurses, but also for what the nursing community did to support me and my parents as they went through their end-of-life journeys. Nurses truly make a difference in everyone's lives, and I was grateful for the opportunity to show my appreciation."   

Prolink Chief Strategy Officer David Durbin addresses the room.

Prolink Chief Strategy Officer David Durbin spoke about his gratitude for the nursing profession.

The team welcomed a group of Prolink DAISY Honorees for the second half of the day. The afternoon's activities began with a Cultivating Leadership Excellence Workshop that included breakout group discussions and a leadership style quiz. After a brief networking session, the DAISY recipients settled in for a Traveler 101 panel discussion led by Terim Dortch, Prolink's Director of Clinical Talent Experience.

We capped off the evening with a group dinner celebrating the DAISY Honorees in attendance.

The Prolink Clinical Team and DAISY Honorees pose for a selfie at the post-event dinner.

The Prolink Clinical Team and DAISY Honorees pose for a selfie at the post-event dinner.

Insights from the Traveler 101 panel 

The panel was conducted in Q&A format, with the nurses on the panel giving their perspective and advice for new travelers in response to a series of questions. Below are a few standout answers given by panelists Jude Florestal, Ashley Harris, Matrice Woodruff, and Cynthia Eugene. 

What is one thing you'd tell a new traveler? 

Jude: "Put your ego aside. When you travel, you are learning about new people, new processes, and a new place every day. It's also important to be kind to the other clinicians on the floor. This will make your experience much easier."  

How do you equip yourself with new facility policies? 

Ashley: "At the beginning of each assignment I start a new clipboard where I take a ton of notes. When I read a policy that I don't fully understand I ask the charge nurses or my manager clarifying questions. It's kind of like a study guide that I keep with me every day throughout my time at a new facility." 

How do you practice self-care?

Matrice: "Eating right and taking care of your body is extremely important. If you don't take care of yourself, you can't take care of patients. It improves your energy and quality of life."  

Should you have a roommate or not? 

Cynthia: “It's so important to be self-aware when choosing whether to have a roommate. I'm lucky to have a best friend who is also a travel clinician, and we live well together. Otherwise, there are some things to consider… Are you a light sleeper? Will you work the same or opposite shifts? Are you clean or dirty? Are you comfortable sharing a bathroom?"

Prolink Director of Clinical Talent Experience Terim Dortch addresses the Traveler 101 panelists.

DAISY Honorees shared their expertise during the Traveler 101 panel, led by Terim Dortch MSN, RN, CPEN.

More nursing events from Prolink

If you missed your chance to attend the Nurses Month Celebration, there are plenty of upcoming opportunities to get involved in the Prolink nursing community:

  • Caroline Ashman leads Charge Nurse Essentials, a free class taking place May 22 at 4 p.m. (EST). Registration is open now! 
  • Clinical Connections is a monthly live-streamed event developed just for Prolink nurses. To learn more and join the next session, look for the next Clinical Connections newsletter in your inbox or visit Prolink on LinkedIn

To see what's planned for the remainder of Nurses Month, click the button below to visit the Prolink Nurses Month Hub. 

Nurses Month Hub
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