Tips for Travel Nursing as A Couple
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Tips for Travel Nursing as A Couple

June 3, 2021

Travel nursing doesn’t need to be a solo endeavor. Many short-term contracts can last as long as 13 weeks, and that time is much better spent as a pair. There is no reason why you can’t take your spouse or life partner with you. Not only will the both of you get to visit new and exciting locales, but you can take advantage of higher pay, amazing benefits, and the ability to make your own schedules. This unique opportunity is available now in cities around the country, and the demand has never been higher

Here are tips to enjoy travel nursing as a couple, whether your other half is a nurse or civilian just along for the ride. 

When Your Partner is Also a Nurse 

Be Flexible 

When your spouse or life partner is also a registered nurse (or LPN), it helps to find work at the same hospital. You don’t have to both work the same shifts. One of the benefits of travel nursing is that you get to choose the schedule you want to work. It is important to be flexible, however. Even if the two of you are placed at different hospitals in the same area, you’ll both get to see each other when your shifts come to an end.

Be Honest

When interviewing with a new hospital, be upfront about your situation. Tell the hiring manager that your partner is traveling with you and that you would both like to work at the same hospital, if that is indeed what you want. If you are both skilled nurses with good feedback from previous employers, the hospital may find it advantageous to hire you both.

Use Free & Discounted Housing to Your Advantage 

Traveling with another nurse can help you save on housing. You may find that the travel nurse assignment you accept comes with free housing. If that happens, and your partner is also offered a housing stipend, you can both pocket more money that would normally go toward your living expenses. Use that extra money to save for retirement or plan for an international vacation when your contract ends. 

Keep in mind that free housing isn’t always on the table. When it is offered, the housing stipend issued to your partner may be diminished or eliminated entirely. Speak to your travel nurse recruiter to discuss the specifics of housing for any given assignment, so you can plan and save accordingly.

Split the Cost of Rent

Another option is for both of you to accept the free housing stipend, then split the rent. This way, you both get to receive tax-free income and pocket more money due to the decreased cost of living. 

When Your Partner Isn’t a Nurse 

Taking an assignment as a travel nurse may be extra stressful if your partner doesn’t work in the same industry. The trick is to get creative. You can still make the situation work, and here are a few tips to do just that. 

Your Partner Can Help with Travel Arrangements  

In most cases, a nurse’s salary can support two people, at least temporarily. While you are focused on your short-term assignments, your partner can take control of the travel arrangements. This includes planning the move, securing housing, and organizing the itinerary of what to do on your days off. Working as a pair can be enjoyable when both of you have responsibilities that help you both thrive, no matter where you end up residing. 

Your Spouse Can Work an On-Demand Job

While you earn money as a travel nurse, your partner can work a job like Uber, Postmates, or Wag. This will keep your spouse occupied, you’ll have more money coming into the household, and these on-demand positions can be filled practically anywhere. 

Get Your Partner into Nursing

Most nursing school programs only require a couple of years to gain certification. If nursing appeals to your partner, have them enroll while you support the two of you on your elevated income. Even if your partner has to remain behind for a bit, absence tends to make the heart grow fonder, as they say. Before you know it, both of you will be certified, allowing you both to work and reap the rewards as a travel nursing pair.  

Find a Skilled and Motivated Recruiter 

The best way to get started as a traveling nurse is to partner with a medical staffing company like Prolink. When you become a partner of Prolink, you get paired with a recruiter who is ready to match your skills and career goals to the hospital of your choice. You can find the most lucrative assignments and gain industry knowledge, helping you ace interviews and negotiate contracts to your ultimate benefit. Get started now by calling to speak to a dedicated account manager and enjoy all the benefits that come with travel nursing as a couple - (866)777-3704.

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