Bullhorn Engage 2019: Talent Solutions and Tech Evolution
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Bullhorn Engage 2019: Talent Solutions and Tech Evolution

August 8, 2019

This year at Engage, an annual three-day conference put on by Bullhorn, over a thousand people came together to network and learn from leaders in the industry.

Prolink’s Regional Director of Operations, Joby Myers, was invited to speak on a panel covering “Practical Strategies for Tackling Healthcare Staffing Challenges.” The panelists discussed the labor challenges within the healthcare staffing sector and addressed the skills shortage causing many of these hurdles. Key learnings are listed below.

Upskilling Talent

A key point from the panel was that in order to find a solution, we must continue upskilling talent, or begin for that matter, by creating opportunities for our employees to grow. What that looks like can be different for every company. It might be a series of Lunch & Learn sessions on a new technology or offering tuition assistance to staff that want to take courses to learn or enhance a new skill. These individuals are committed to the companies and simply need the experience and/or skills to fulfill the open roles. Giving them an avenue to gaining skills they need will help us develop a talent pool of trained individuals to address the needs in the industry.

Creative Solutions

Companies need to find creative solutions to address the shortage of skilled talent. For example, some businesses are working with schools and organizations to help talent attain the skills needed to be deployed into the workforce. An architecture company might partner with schools to provide AutoCAD courses. Another great option—have your company invest in or purchase schools to teach talent the skills needed to be in the workforce.

Tech Evolution and the Rise of AI

Another hot topic was the evolution of technology and the effect that it has on the staffing industry. AI (Artificial Intelligence) is already being implemented into the recruiting process. A common example of this can be seen in chatbots, which can perform initial screenings of candidates to determine what they are looking for. Chatbots can even assist in searches to find the most qualified candidates.

The implementation of AI has created serious concern over the possible displacement of recruiters but isn’t necessarily a true cause for alarm. Overall, the use of AI provides greater efficiency in the recruitment process and allows recruiters to hone their time and attention in other areas of the organization, specifically talent experience, training or even on advancing to a higher role.

Closing Thoughts

On the final day of the conference, keynote speaker Earvin Magic Johnson (follow him on Twitter: @MagicJohnson) shared his journey to becoming one of the most influential businessmen in the world. His key takeaway for the audience: “always over-deliver” whether it be for your candidates and clients, or your friends and family. We couldn’t agree more, Magic.



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