How a Medical Staffing Agency Benefits You During Your Job Search

How a Medical Staffing Agency Benefits You During Your Job Search

August 30, 2022

Healthcare is experiencing an emergency and it has to do with staffing. Medical staffing shortages have reached such an epidemic that nearly every type of facility is hurting. Doctor’s offices, hospitals, labs, and others need team members now. That’s where you come in.

If you are currently searching for a healthcare-related job, you’re in luck. The time has never been better to find gainful employment, no matter what sort of arrangement you want. Whether you’re a per diem nurse, a travel nurse, or a physician looking for locum tenens assignments, doors are opening left and right. You only have to choose which door to walk through and you’re in.

You can increase your chances of finding the right job, at the right time, by applying to join a health care staffing agency. You stand to gain quite a few benefits by joining a staffing agency as opposed to conducting your job search all on your own. Here are some you should know about. By the end of this list, it’s a good bet you’ll do away with your ambitions of conducting a job hunt solo. The only question that remains is, what staffing agency should you choose to help you find the job of your dreams?

Reasons Why You Should Work with a Medical Staffing Agency

You Have a Better Chance of Finding the Ideal Job

Job hunting on your own is never easy. Whether you conduct a Google search or join a job site, there are only so many jobs to go around. And even if you find a decent job listing, you may be beaten to the punch by a candidate who is quicker on the draw or one who is more qualified than you are.

How is this different from working with a medical staffing agency? When you work with an agency, you have a dedicated recruiter in your corner. This individual gets to know you and your career goals. This allows the recruiter to identify jobs that would be perfect for you. This professional is constantly on the search for jobs that are the ideal fit for your skills and goals.

Not only that, but many agencies have relationships with medical facilities around the country. By tapping into their pool of facilities and by speaking with hiring managers looking for a professional like you, you are more likely to be paired with a job that fits with your career goals. You can be notified of such jobs the moment they become available, making you more likely to get hired for the job you want.

Exclusive Job Offers

Because of those relationships with medical facilities, many staffing agencies are able to offer you open positions before they are released to the public. This gives you first dibs on the jobs you want. Compare this with randomly searching job boards that everyone is privy to, and you’re less likely to get the job.

Utilizing a staffing agency with a deep pool of potential job listings, you get exclusive access to the jobs you want, giving you the best chances of landing a job that pays what you feel you deserve.

You Can Test the Waters at Multiple Medical Facilities

Have you ever landed a job that turned out to be less glamorous than you expected? Maybe the management was too strict, or you didn’t quite get along with your coworkers. If you happened to take on a permanent position, you were kind of stuck, weren’t you? Unless you wanted to conduct another torturous job search, you had to put up with the things about the job you didn’t necessarily prefer.

When you work with a medical staffing agency, you can tell your recruiter your goal of securing temp positions whenever they become available. This lets you try out various facility positions before committing to a full-time gig. Getting your feet wet lets you see how management behaves and how coworkers act to see if you’re the best fit before diving in permanently.

You Get Paid by the Staffing Agency with Benefits

Make sure you do your homework when deciding which health care agency to join. The best ones pay competitive rates with plenty of bonuses. We’re talking sick pay, health insurance, dental insurance, and life insurance. You can even secure a 401k retirement account along with other important perks.

Help with Licensure

If you hold a medical license, you had to jump through a few hoops before you could land a job in your respective field. That license is applicable to your state unless you get a multi-state license. If you ever decide to work in another state and don’t hold a multi-state license, you need to fulfill certain requirements, and the process of securing additional licenses can sometimes be lengthy.

When you work with a medical staffing agency, your recruiter can help you secure licensing in different states. The recruiter can’t take any tests or fill out your applications, but you will be pointed in the proper direction, which takes all the guesswork out of securing the licenses you need. In some cases, licensing can even be expedited if there are time constraints.

The same assistance can be leveled at certifications and even advanced education. Having a dedicated recruiter in your corner pays, particularly when you need licensing to secure a job and have concerns you might have trouble doing so all on your own.

A Team of Professionals When You Need Them

Job hunting can be a drag, especially if you conduct that search all by your lonesome. You might have questions related to the interview process, onboarding, and licensing, just to name a few points of contention medical workers have to deal with when seeking employment.

A medical staffing agency offers a team of professionals who are tenured employment specialists. Anytime you have questions, they have answers, and their door is always open to provide you with the knowledge you need.

This comes in handy when you need to negotiate fees for an employment contract. Take travel nursing, for example. A travel nurse may have to traverse the country to secure a job in a different state. There is housing to consider, travel expenses, the pay that goes with the position, taxes, and more.

Learning all that on your own while also making the move and acclimating to a new medical facility can be daunting, even for a seasoned professional. When you work with a medical travel nursing agency, all your questions can be answered with an email or phone call. More than that, you have a recruiter on your side making sure you get settled, securing the level of pay and bonuses you need, and ensuring that you are the best fit for the job. It’s like having an employment advocate working on your behalf at all times.

You Get to Choose the Job Types and Preferences

When you search for a job by yourself, you are usually limited to one position, the one you are vying for. With a medical staffing agency, you can search for any positions and employment types you want. Simply tell your recruiter if you would like to be temp-to-perm as opposed to a travel nurse, per diem nurse, or permanent hire, just to give some examples.

Imagine the opportunities available to you if you can manage to be flexible. You never know what positions and terms may become available. But if you work with a staffing agency with a recruiter, you’ll find out when the perfect position that you are qualified for becomes available — because you’ll be notified right away and encouraged to apply.

Easier Onboarding

Go job hunting and your employment opportunity is likely to involve a lengthy orientation and training protocol. When you work with a staffing agency, you won’t have to worry about any of that.

One of the benefits medical facilities get to enjoy by partnering with a staffing agency is that they get pre-trained medical professionals who can hit the ground running. That’s you! By working with a medical temp agency, your recruiter ensures you have everything you need to begin working right away. That way, you can fill staffing shortages with ease, allowing permanent staff to go on vacations or take maternity leave. And if people quit at a certain facility, your skills will be desperately needed. These are all chances for you to earn great money while advancing your career, no orientation or training required.

Why it Pays to Work with Prolink

Now you know why it pays to work with a medical staffing agency. One agency that has your back no matter where you want to work is Prolink.

When you work with Prolink, you gain access to a nationwide health care staffing agency team that can answer your questions anytime you need. We can help you secure the types of jobs you want, in the areas you want, leading to your long-term success.

You will be assigned a dedicated recruiter who gets to know you and your career goals. You will then be notified when the ideal job becomes available. We have spent decades fostering relationships with hiring managers at medical facilities around the country. We give you exclusive access to top jobs plus first-in-line resume assistance, and we can even help to expedite licensure in select cases.

We offer competitive pay and attractive bonuses, including health insurance and benefits.

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