Report: Over 80% of Nurses Felt “Burnt Out” in Past Year

Report: Over 80% of Nurses Felt “Burnt Out” in Past Year

September 5, 2023

This Is The State of Nursing,” a 2023 study published by, summarized the results of feedback from thousands of nurses on topics like job satisfaction, benefits, and mental health. Regarding burnout, 81% of respondents agreed with the statement, “In the past year I have felt burnt out,” a slight decrease from the previous year but still an overwhelming majority. The lesson is clear: nurse burnout is a pressing issue, and mental health resources—like the ones offered to Prolink clinicians—are absolutely necessary. 

Causes of Burnout in Nursing

Several factors contribute to the trend of burnout and excessive stress in the nursing profession. These include feelings of overwork, a lack of control over individual performance, and the absence of collaboration between colleagues. Nurses often work extended hours and consecutive shifts, which increases the likelihood of sleep deprivation and heightened levels of stress and anxiety as a result. 

Consequences of Nurse Burnout

When nurses feel the effects of burnout, it can result in myriad consequences for them and their patients. Burnout can lead to increased rates of turnover, which decreases the overall quality of care. Burnout has also been linked to a lower quality of care, which increases the risk of complications and can potentially lengthen a patient’s stay in the hospital. And perhaps most importantly, burnout can result in health issues for nurses themselves—including depression, anxiety, and even heart disease

Mental Health Resources for Prolink Nurses

This alarming statistic speaks to the growing need for comprehensive mental health resources for nurses. To help combat the ongoing mental health crisis in the profession, Prolink offers free mental health support for its nurses and their covered family members, including: 

  • Counseling and psychotherapy services 
  • Mindfulness practice tools 
  • Stress-management coaching 
  • Assistance with childcare and other personal matters through MetLife EAP 

To learn more about the resources and benefits Prolink offers its local nurses, travel nurses, and other current talent, click the button below. 

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