Top 5 Tips for Transitioning from Travel to Permanent
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Top 5 Tips for Transitioning from Travel to Permanent

September 13, 2023

As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, Prolink is committed to partnering with our talent as their priorities and aspirations may also change.

According to The Future of Healthcare Work Report 2023, 86% of travel clinicians surveyed said they were open to switching to permanent work while 46% planned to work in a permanent role in 2023. When compared to the report’s 2022 results, this is an increase of more than 30% — when 55% of travel clinicians considered switching to permanent positions.

The Future of Healthcare Work Report 2023 surveyed more than 1,600 clinical and clinical-support staff, who shared information about their current roles, future career plans, what makes for a healthy work environment, and factors they consider when evaluating whether or not to return to a permanent position. Of the respondents, 65% are registered nurses, 36% hold a travel position, and 44% are employed as full-time staff.

Whether you have discovered the perfect city to call home, want to return to a hometown to put down roots, or are simply ready to store that suitcase for now, Prolink’s Direct Placement team can help you find a permanent position.

Here are Prolink's Top 5 tips for how to transition from a travel position to direct placement.

1. Partner with a Direct Placement Recruiter

A permanent position is also known as a direct placement (DP) opportunity. At Prolink, our Direct Placement team is dedicated to matching candidates with positions that suit their career goals.

Once a candidate has completed Prolink's online Permanent Positions form, a DP Recruiter will reach out within 24-48 hours. Your dedicated recruiter will guide you through the process and even provide reminders to complete all necessary tasks and paperwork.

2. Consider Timing

Because the lead time required to secure a permanent position varies with each facility, talent should consider their preferences and objectives to ensure a smooth transition.

  • Perhaps you want to complete one more travel assignment and are only interested in dipping a toe into the DP waters.
  • You start a new assignment soon, but want to make the move after the new year. 
  • Maybe you are ready now, and want to be settled in time for the holiday season.

Prolink's DP Recruiters will schedule an initial conversation to sort out next steps. When transitioning from a traveler to permanent role, we typically recommend beginning the process approximately 2 months before the end of your current assignment. If you are interested in relocating for a permanent position, jot down the cities or target areas on your list.

The start dates for permanent positions are flexible and Prolink advises our healthcare partners to keep the process short. With Prolink’s help, you could secure your permanent position in as little as 2 weeks to up to 8 weeks. 

3. Evaluate Benefits

A permanent placement position brings job security, a stable income, a comprehensive benefits package, including medical and dental coverage, paid time off, and retirement plans, along with clear pathways into leadership positions, advancement opportunities, and career progression.

Many permanent placements also offer relocation coverage, sign on bonuses, and tuition reimbursement.

While these benefits vary by healthcare system, Prolink’s dedicated recruiters will advocate on your behalf to negotiate the most attractive benefits package for your role.

4. Establish Location Preferences

Prolink currently works with healthcare systems across the US, from Alaska, California, and Hawaii on the West Coast to Florida, Maryland, and North Carolina on the East Coast. We continuously look to partner with new hospitals and are willing to make those calls on your behalf.

In addition, permanent placement opportunities are open to all healthcare skillsets and specialties — with Prolink offering exclusive access to direct placement positions. Healthcare systems partner with Prolink to find the perfect candidates for their needs; DP Recruiters understand the hiring manager's requirements and will collaborate with talent to ensure a positive experience.

5. Utilize Available Resources

It goes without saying that job hunting can be quite an undertaking, particularly while you are already working one full-time job. Prolink’s Direct Placement Recruiters deliver the resources and support needed to facilitate this transition.

The Direct Placement team will:

  • Help candidates revamp resumes and search for jobs.
  • Provide talent with a comprehensive overview of the available position — before the role has even been published, in some instances.
  • Market each candidate and their respective skills directly to a hiring manager.
  • Conduct interview preparation and address the types of questions to expect.
  • Ensure candidates remain compliant, obtain any necessary licensure, and navigate the onboarding process — securing all documentation in an easily accessible place. 

When applying through Prolink, your application often goes directly to a decision maker and, in some cases, the unit manager. Prolink talent typically receives feedback within 48-72 hours post-interview.

To learn more about transitioning to a Direct Placement with Prolink, submit our Permanent Positions form online today. One of our Direct Placement Recruiters will reach out to discuss next steps.

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