Meet Tampa Recruiter, Amanda
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Meet Tampa Recruiter, Amanda

July 8, 2019



So, you recently relocated to Tampa from Columbia... what prompted that move?

I recently moved to Tampa this past March. My boyfriend was transferred to Tampa for his job this past October. I was very fortunate that Prolink had an office in Tampa as well that I was able to transfer to.

Which core value do you identify with most? Why?

The core value I identity with the most is family first. I truly felt we were a little family in the Columbia, SC office and now I am a part of the Tampa family.  My account manager in Columbia, Megan, knew that I was unhappy in Columbia and that Tampa was where I wanted to be. She helped align everything in place to make my transfer to Tampa as smooth as possible.  I had never lived away from South Carolina before this move and this was a scary new transition for me but was made a lot less scary with the support that I had at Prolink.



You are known for being a bit of a board game aficionado. Tell us more!

I love board games! I pride myself on having a very impressive board game collection. My board games are proudly displayed in my living room for everyone to see. My favorite game to play in a big group is Scattergories.  It is so funny to hear everyone’s answers and most people, including me, can get competitive when playing.

What are your top 2 pet peeves?

My two biggest pet peeves are tardiness and people listening to music too loudly in their headphones.   I absolutely hate when I must wait on someone. I totally get things come up but when I am stuck always waiting on one of my friends, I get so annoyed and inpatient. Especially when it comes to dinner plans. I get hangry when I must wait longer to eat.  I am super punctual, so I just assume everyone else is too. I also think listening to music in your headphones too loudly is inconsiderate. This use to be something I would have a huge issue with in college. I used to take the shuttle to class every day, and someone would always be blaring music. It’s loud, rude and distracting to be forced to listen to someone else’s phone.



What is a nerdy thing about you? What is it about this nerdy thing that sparks your interest?

I think the nerdiest thing about me is I am a huge Star Wars fan. I know so many random facts about the original trilogy. I thought the movies were super interesting when I was young and used to watch the originals over and over to the point where I could quote full scenes. My whole family is into the series and we always try to go to the midnight release of the new movies together.

Best concert you’ve ever been to, why? Worst concert, why?

The last concert I went to was a mixture of the best and worst concert. This past month I went to Barenaked Ladies and Hootie and the Blowfish. I am huge Hootie and the Blowfish fan, especially since they are from the University of South Carolina, my alma mater. The concert was at an outdoor venue and it was pouring down rain - it started to downpour as we were waiting in the security line and it never stopped.  We were absolutely soaked but there was nothing you could but laugh about it. We were one of the last few that stayed through the whole show and endured.

What is your favorite meal to cook for someone else?

I have not mastered the art of cooking yet, but I can heat up a frozen pizza, chicken nuggets or make a really impressive sandwich. I have fed myself off of chicken nuggets for so many years now that I do not need even to set a timer, I just know when they are done. I also know the perfect nugget to honey mustard ratio. Everyone knows that they should not come to my house and expect a home cook meal, but my freezer is always stocked with frozen nuggets that I can whip up.

Name one completely useless thing you’re really good at.

This goes with my board game obsession, but I am really good at Connect Four. I have been ever since I was little, my parents could never beat me. There is a lot of skill and strategy behind Connect Four that people do not even realize. It is all about playing defensive and setting traps for your opponents. I am able to set traps and win without the person even realizing I have connected four.

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