Charge Nurse Essentials: What Travel Nurses Need to Succeed
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Charge Nurse Essentials: What Travel Nurses Need to Succeed

May 20, 2024

By Caroline Ashman MSN, RN, NPD-BC, CMSRN 
Director of Clinical Professional Practice & Education, Prolink 

At Prolink, we pride ourselves on not only finding world class clinicians for our clients but supporting those clinicians once they start their assignments. We maintain that support system with professional development opportunities by way of free elective learning for nurses on assignment. We find that our nurses often wish to grow professionally and be more impactful in their role—they just need the right opportunity to do so. That’s where our Charge Nurse Essentials class comes in. 

For our travel nurses (Talent on Assignment or TOA as we call them in staffing), flexibility is the name of the game. TOA sometimes must “float” to other units when staffing needs change at the last minute. They can also be asked to assume the role of charge nurse, especially in facilities that rely heavily on Prolink to fill positions. Travelers’ roles often resemble those of permanent staff members, but at the same time, they have difficulty finding resources and support at their facility. They often miss opportunities because the facility in which they are working does not allow contract labor to attend classes. 

The request to “float” can be met with trepidation. The role of a charge nurse is not for the faint of heart, especially in an environment that is not familiar to the TOA. The Charge Nurse Essentials workshop gives TOA the tools they need to navigate the challenges and stress of an unfamiliar work environment. It’s a valuable tool for personal and professional development with the simple goal of helping individuals navigate their careers, gain new perspectives, and build meaningful connections in the facility. 

Charge Nurse Essentials helps decrease the anxiety that often comes with the pressure of being responsible for the care and wellbeing of both staff and, most importantly, the patient. Teaching this class is very inspiring and gives me tremendous satisfaction. I share my stories of how I grew as a charge nurse and tips for success that I gathered over my many years of experience. I love to see participants feel empowered and better prepared to take on the role.  

I love watching those “lightbulb” moments when concepts are fully understood, and the group tells me that they can’t wait to use what they learned. As an expert in professional development, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing newly learned concepts and knowledge being put into practice. 

I will be leading the next remote online session of Charge Nurse Essentials on Wednesday, May 22 at 4 p.m. (EST)—and registration is open now! Interested nurses can register now by visiting our Nurses Month Hub or clicking Register Now at the bottom of this page. 

Topics covered include the following: 

  • Defining the charge nurse role 
  • Identifying the qualities of a charge nurse 
  • Describing the necessary skills of a charge nurse 
  • Demonstrating new knowledge 
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