Travel Nurse Series: Travel Nursing Jobs
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Travel Nurse Series: Travel Nursing Jobs

January 19, 2023

Thinking about starting a career as a travel nurse? Or maybe you currently work as a travel nurse and are ready for your next job assignment. What follows are some of the hottest jobs on the Prolink job list. 

We focus on strengthening and fortifying relationships with accredited medical facilities from coast to coast. That allows us to present our travel nursing professionals with exclusive job offers that span weeks, months, or longer for top pay, benefits, and bonuses. 

As you read through the following list, imagine yourself hopping on a plane or driving to the medical facility of your choice to start your new position. Ready to get started now? Use our quick online application process to become a well-paid travel nurse.

Top Travel Healthcare Jobs

Operating Room Registered Nurse (RN)

Looking for a fast-paced atmosphere where every second counts? If that describes you, it might be worth pursuing a position as an operating room registered nurse. 

To qualify for this contract position, you must be familiar with the emergency room admission process and how to provide quality care. Two years of emergency room experience is required.

You will triage patients and prioritize care as an emergency room travel nurse. You will evaluate patient conditions and stabilize them using conscious sedation, cardiac drips, and cardiac monitoring. You must also know how to start IVs and assess emergency conditions while intervening appropriately according to the hospital’s policies and the primary physician’s direction. View available RN jobs.

Interventional Radiology RN

This contract position will have you monitoring and assessing patients to ensure their safety and that they are receiving the appropriate hospital care. You will prepare patients for medical procedures by assessing their vital signs and obtaining their medical histories. 

At the same time, you will be responsible for educating patients and their families about the procedures and their individualized care plans. 

In addition, an interventional radiology registered nurse must know how to insert and remove IVs, monitor patient vitals, and administer medications. You will also be responsible for managing postoperative patient care. View all Prolink's Interventional Radiology jobs.

Telemetry RN

As a telemetry registered nurse, you must be able to care for around four to five patients at a time while reading telemetry monitors, assessing vital signs, and administering medications. 

To qualify for this contract travel nurse position, you must have previous experience in a telemetry setting with a willingness to float to various similar units. You must also hold American Heart Association (AHA) basic life support (BLS) and AHA advanced cardio life support (ACLS) certifications. 

Rehab Registered Nurse

This travel nurse contract position will have you caring for patients who have injuries, illnesses, or disabilities that require rehabilitation. As a rehab RN, you will work with patients and their families to educate them on managing various illnesses and injuries. Apply to one of our Rehab Registered Nursing jobs here.

You must hold AHA BLS, ACLS, and pediatric advanced life support (PALS) certifications to qualify for this role. You must also be knowledgeable in designing and implementing treatment strategies based on individualized cases. In addition, the ideal candidate will be self-driven and prepared to undertake significant nurse-to-patient ratios. 


A cardiovascular intensive care unit travel nurse needs to be able to evaluate and monitor patient progress and provide critical care to patients suffering from life-threatening heart conditions. 

To qualify as a CVICU registered nurse, you must have pump experience and be comfortable observing vital signs, running IVs, interpreting and monitoring EKG rhythm strips, and operating heart monitors. You should also have at least two years of experience in a CVICU setting with AHA BLS, AHA ACLS, and acute/critical care nursing (CCRN) certification. 

Your day-to-day will be spent working closely with other heart specialists to ensure blood pressure is under control and that heart failure is prevented in the patients under your care. Apply today for our CVICU RN jobs

Med/Surg Registered Nurse 

If you choose to accept this contract travel nursing position, you must be able to care for five to six patients at a time while performing well in a fast-paced environment. During that time, you will assess vital signs and administer medications. 

To qualify as a med/surg RN, you must have prior hospital experience and be willing to float to similar units. You must also hold AHA BLS and AHA ACLS certifications. 


As a cardiovascular operating room travel nurse, your days will be spent evaluating and monitoring patient progress while providing critical care to patients suffering from life-threatening heart conditions.

You will work closely with heart specialists to ensure patients’ blood pressure is controlled, and that heart failure is prevented.

To qualify for this RN position, you must have two years experience in a cardiovascular operating room setting. You must have pump experience and be comfortable operating heart monitors, operating and interpreting EKG rhythm strips, running IVs, and observing vital signs. You also need to hold AHA BLS and AHA ACLS certifications. View all CVOR RN Jobs here.

Gastroenterology Registered Nurse

As a gastroenterology RN, you will be responsible for caring for patients suffering from disorders, diseases, and injuries to the digestive tract. Your days will be spent performing advanced therapeutic and gastrointestinal procedures. These include colonoscopies, EGD (esophagogastroduodenoscopies), ERCP (endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatographies), EUS (endoscopic ultrasound), and EMR (endoscopic mucosal resections). 

To qualify as a gastroenterology RN, you must have prior experience in a gastroenterology setting with AHA BLS and ACLS certifications. 

Step Down RN

A step down registered nurse is responsible for reading EKG rhythm strips while assessing for rhythm changes. You will also closely monitor the vital signs of extremely ill patients prescribed complex medications requiring titration. All the while, you must provide frequent assessments of each patient in your care to ensure stability.

To qualify as a step down travel nurse, you must have prior experience in a step down setting with a willingness to float to similar units with AHA BLS and AHA ACLS certifications. 


As an intensive care or critical care nurse, you must be able to monitor and evaluate patient progress while providing ICU care in a fast-paced environment. Skills necessary for the role include maintaining patient sedation, providing ventilator care, monitoring vital signs, administering critical drips, and monitoring the effectiveness of medications while titrating doses according to hospital protocols. You must also be able to identify sudden changes in patients’ medical conditions and respond quickly to medical emergencies.

To qualify as an ICU RN, you must have experience in an ICU setting and hold AHA BLS and ACLS certifications. 


As a NICU or neonatal nurse, you are responsible for life-sustaining duties in caring for premature and ill newborns. Skills necessary for the role include administering medication, providing nutrients, and monitoring vitals. You must also know how to monitor breathing, as the patient's lungs are typically not fully developed. 

You will work closely with physicians and high-level nurses to develop treatment plans while communicating those plans to patients’ families. 

To qualify as a NICU RN, you must have previous experience in a NICU setting while holding AHA BLS, ACLS, PALS, and neonatal resuscitation program (NRP) certifications. 

Respiratory Therapist RN

This contract travel nurse position is responsible for caring for patients with cardiopulmonary and breathing disorders in an intensive care setting.

Your days will be spent interviewing and examining patients to diagnose lung and breathing disorders while recommending the appropriate treatment. You will initiate and conduct or modify diagnostic and therapeutic procedures while managing ventilators and artificial airway devices. You must also educate patients and their families on their diagnoses, treatments, and recovery processes. 

Ready to Take Your Career to New Places?

These are only a few of the jobs you could be assigned from all over the country. Working as a travel nurse lets you explore the country and earn a terrific salary while providing excellent patient care. The opportunities are limitless when you work with Prolink. 

At Prolink, we provide you with all the help you need to land the ideal contract positions in any state you wish to visit. We give you front-of-the-line access to thousands of travel nursing jobs and can help you obtain new state licenses or renew your current licensure. We offer the most competitive salaries in the industry along with benefits, referral bonuses, and 401k enrollment from day one. 

In short, we give you support when you need it. When you begin working with Prolink, we pair you with a dedicated recruiter. That professional can link you to top jobs and provide assistance when it comes to landing that perfect contract role. 

Whether it’s traveling to a new state, obtaining interview tips, or getting instructions on where to go for your first day on the job, Prolink has you covered. 

Are you ready to be matched with the perfect travel nursing assignment? Apply today by filling out our handy online application.

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