Why Partner with a Staffing Agency for Healthcare Jobs?
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Why Partner with a Staffing Agency for Healthcare Jobs?

April 29, 2021

Healthcare is one of the largest industries in the United States and medical industry jobs are always in high demand. But competition for key medical positions can be fierce. Not only must you have the necessary qualifications, but you also need to be in the right place at the right time to land your dream job. 

When looking for employment with a medical facility, you have a few job-searching options available to you. You can bang on doors or attempt the online route, but you risk joining the “dime a dozen” club, where everyone and their brother and sister are vying for the role you hope to land. Whether you have training in nursing, phlebotomy, or medical IT, you need the best resume and connections to the right hiring manager, or risk being left behind. 

Staffing firms can help you facilitate the job placement process. Below are seven benefits to working with a medical staffing agency during your job search process. 

Skill Matching 

When searching for a job on your own, you are likely to choose any job that fits with your clinical skills. A staffing agency recruiter goes a bit further than that. While your professional skill set is important when assessing the ideal role, a good recruiter also identifies the finer points of your work style and personality. That means you’ll have the opportunity to find placement in an environment that you are more likely to thrive in. 

Interview Advice

Medical staffing recruiters know the industry inside and out, and thus know what employers are searching for. This can be advantageous to you when seeking gainful employment, because you might receive pointers on how to interview well. It’s also possible to receive invaluable feedback on how to improve. The initial interview with a new employer can be nerve-wracking, but with the proper amount of insight, you can gain the confidence required to impress the hiring manager. 

Easy Onboarding

Getting started with a new company can be complicated. There are so many hoops to jump through, the entire process can leave you drained. Medical staffing agencies take the burden of navigating these obstacles off your shoulders. The agency team can help with scheduling necessary tasks such as physician physicals, drug screening, background checks, and obtaining the proper licensure. You can even get reminders to ensure you stay on track and remain compliant. This means you get to start right away as a new hire, without all the stress. 

Excellent Benefits 

Medical facilities are more eager to sign on temporary staffing employees when they are not responsible for your payroll and benefits. The staffing agency pays you instead. In many cases, you get to take advantage of generous benefit packages, including vacation pay, insurance plans, and other bountiful perks.

VIP Advantages

When you work with a staffing agency, you get more than potential job placement. Healthcare staffing agencies often provide new training opportunities you can use to boost your skills and maintain your credentials. You will also be notified quickly of new employment opportunities and can receive access to discounted immunizations, along with other important perks.

Right to Choose

When you partner with a medical staffing agency, you may be offered multiple positions by your recruiter. This gives you the advantage of selecting which position might be the best fit for you. If you interview with a potential employer and don’t feel good about the position, you can communicate those sentiments with your staffing specialist, who can help you refine your job search.

Rapid Placement   

A medical recruiter’s job is to place the best candidates and fill open positions. Because the recruiter works for both candidates and the businesses, they are motivated to satisfy the needs of both. By working with a recruiter, you can bet that you’ll get the help and support you need finding the best job to match your search goals. 

Stop the Job Hunt & Get the Attention You Deserve 

Hunting for a job can be exhausting when you don’t have help. Partnering with a medical staffing agency puts others in your corner, giving you the assistance you need. You’ll gain inside knowledge of the industry and your resume has a better chance of landing on the right hiring manager’s desk. All of this can make your search for the perfect job much easier. Start partnering with a staffing agency who has your best interests in mind by connecting with Prolink. Talk to a dedicated account manager today by calling (866)777-3704.

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