DAISY Award Recap: October, November, December

DAISY Award Recap: October, November, December

January 15, 2024

Prolink was proud to recognize three of its most talented and caring nurses with the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nursing. DAISY is an international program that recognizes the clinical skill and compassionate care that nurses deliver every day. As a DAISY Foundation partner, Prolink celebrates nurses who are performing extraordinary acts of service in facilities across the country.

The final three DAISY recipients of 2023 are:

Each honoree received an award certificate, a DAISY Award pin, and a hand-carved Healer’s Touch stone sculpture during the recognition ceremony.

Nomination Submissions

Judelain Florestal: “Sharing a second letter we've received regarding what a phenomenal nurse Judelain Florestal is. He is so loved by staff, providers, and really everyone he comes in contact with! The most recent letter from a patient read: 'I was admitted on 6/4, 6/16 and 6/24. Jude took care of me on 6/16 and 6/24. He is a compassionate nurse that listens to you. When you tell him something he listens. He's an extraordinary nurse that cares and goes above and beyond.'"

Renee Cater: “Renee has been traveling with Prolink since 2021. She has received numerous nominations for the Daisy Award while on travel assignments during her time with Prolink and received 2 certificates for the actual award. She has been nominated by patients, families, and fellow staff for exceptional patient care and she always goes above and beyond to help her patients and fellow nurses. In the recent nomination she received, a patient shared the following, ‘Good morning and good morning to Renee Cater. I am a patient here right now and this is my 2nd night with this extraordinary and very unique lady. I am in much pain and uncomfortable, but because of Renee, I am able to smile, and I get not only great care consistently, but encouragement to continue not to give up. I thank God for sending me this nurse. I thank you for giving me this chance to thank Renee Cater again for her expertise, her patience, her kindness and for her care and concern.'”

Lemuel Lubuguin: “Lem has had multiple comments from the Critical Care Staff that were placed in our ‘YOU MADE A DIFFERENCE’ box in the ICU breakroom. I have had compliments from patients regarding how caring he is and his compassion for patients. He has had a positive impact on staff in many departments just because of how kind he is and because of his nursing knowledge and skills. I would love to assist in nominating Lem. He looks ahead each time he works to see if there’s a need and often works extra shifts to help cover staffing. He is always willing to work in any unit to help. I do not think we have ever met someone as nice and positive as he has been. He has impacted staff morale in a positive way, especially by saying how blessed we are to have an administrative team and Manager who cares about the staff, working conditions, and patient safety the way we do here at NRH. I wish I had a few more like him. It would make this the best place ever to work!”

Prolink will select a DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nursing monthly. Click below to nominate a nurse for this special recognition or to learn more.

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