ROSE Award Recap: October, November, December

ROSE Award Recap: October, November, December

January 15, 2024

Founded in the fall of 2023, Prolink’s ROSE award program is designed to honor and celebrate the extraordinary care given by Prolink’s allied staff. An acronym for Recognition of Service Excellence, ROSE rewards Prolink clinical travelers outside of nursing (RN or LPN/LVN) for their achievements, compassion, and care.

Prolink’s first three ROSE award recipients are:

  • Rachel Wolfe, RRT
  • Patricia Ford, Ultrasound/Radiology Tech
  • Amber Prickett, RRT

Each honoree received a certificate and a ROSE plaque.

Nomination Submissions

Rachel Wolfe: “Rachel has been with Prolink since early 2021 and has continued to go above and beyond in all that she does. She cares deeply for her patients and loves being able to help others in her community.”

“Rachel came in with a can-do attitude. She is always willing to help wherever needed. Rachel stays calm and collected in all situations. Rachel is highly skilled and jumps into the ICUs. She gets along with everyone and is well received by patients and families. We have enjoyed having her as part of our team.”

Patricia Ford: “Pattie gives great patient care and is a compassionate person all around. She takes pride in her work and makes sure to follow all proper protocols. She was willing to pick up a shift that she knew would be challenging but did it without any complaints. She knows how to take a negative situation and turn it into a positive. She was asked by the facility to extend because they all enjoy working with her."

"Patricia was definitely a God sent blessing to our department. She has a very kind and pleasant demeanor with the patients and staff members. Patricia's experience speaks volumes in the way she cares and interacts with her patients. She always wears a smile and is respectful to everyone. It has been a pleasure having her aboard and I hope to gain her permanently as a resource employee.”

Amber Prickett: “Amber has been with Prolink for almost 2 years! Completing 11 assignments, and currently on her 12th! She’s been working at UAB since September 2022. She has dedicated countless hours to the facility. Not only did she complete an entire year with the hospital, but she also asked to go back after taking a month break. The managers at the hospital love her for her empathy, dedication to the patients, and steadfast approach to patient care. She works hard, communicates effectively, and goes above and beyond to care for her patients. I think Amber is extremely deserving of the ROSE award. She has always remained extremely patient, appreciative, and trusting of Prolink. Amber is truly a Prolink Rockstar!”

“Amber Prickett is an asset to our respiratory care department. She demonstrates UAB’s Core Values (Own It, Work Together, Do Right and Always Care) whenever she is encountering a patient, a family member, or a staff member. Amber is always willing to assist other therapists with their duties with a positive attitude.”

Prolink will select a ROSE Award for allied staff monthly. Click below to nominate a clinician for this special recognition or to learn more.

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